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Smallville’s Lana Lang Actress Thinks Superman & Lois Recasting Is Awesome

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Kristin Kreuk, who played Lana Lang on the series Smallville, has expressed her support of the recasting of the role in the upcoming Superman & Lois_series for the CW. After entering the Arrowverse through the network’s series Supergirl, _Superman & Lois_was ordered straight to series for the CW back in January. In addition, a new poster was recently released that gave fans a sneak preview of the upcoming series, with its January 2021 release date confirmed to still be intact. The two characters were recently seen in the CW’s massive superhero crossover event, _Crisis On Infinite Earths,_which effectively helped set up their new series. _It’s also been reported that Superman will have a crossover with Batwoman in early 2021 as well, confirmed to be taking place in Smallville.
Before the Arrowverse got its feet off the ground, _Smallville_was one of the first notable superhero shows on television. The series follows Clark Kent (Tom Welling) during his early years on Earth as he struggles to find his proper place in the world, attempting to harness and utilize his superpowers for the betterment of his town and the world as a whole on his path to becoming Superman. Kreuk made her debut as Lang in the series’ freshman season, continuing as a series regular for seven out of the ten seasons in the show’s run. Though the series ended in 2011, Kreuk has stated that she would reprise her role as Lana if the series returned in an animated form.
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In an interview with TVLine, Kreuk discussed how she felt about the _Superman & Lois_ casting of Lana Lang, Emmanuelle Chriqui. When asked about the casting of Chriqui as the iconic character, Kreuk stated, “_She’s wonderful and very nice._” She goes on to say, “_I’m sure she’ll be fine._” As for the show’s new version of the character, Kreuk added, “_I am excited to… hear about how the show portrays her. She’s an interesting character in the canon, so having her be in a predominant role on this new show is awesome._”
Since leaving Smallville, Kreuk has popped up in a wide variety of projects. Following her departure from the series, she would make appearances on the comedy series Chuck_and _Robot Chicken, before starring in a series of her own for the CW, Beauty And The Beast. The series ran for four seasons from 2012-2016 on the network, becoming one of their most popular series. She’s currently headlining a new series, Burden of Truth, where she plays a lawyer who returns to her hometown to take a case involving a group of girls who are suffering from a mysterious illness. Though the series originated in on the CBC in Canada, the CW has added the series to its current summer lineup in the United States.
Though Kreuk’s portrayal of the Lana Lang character is beloved by most Smallville_fans, it will be refreshing to see a new take on the character, especially in a new series involving Superman and Lois Lane. It’s also wonderful to see Kreuk not only approve of the casting of Chriqui in the role but of the version of the character, the show will be implementing as well. Kreuk’s talents were perfectly suited for her role in _Smallville, bringing a warm earnestness to the character for many seasons. However, it will be exciting for fans to see a brand new iteration of the character when Lana Lang makes her debut in Superman & Lois in 2021.
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I loved the interactions between you and John Glover on Smallville. The show was not nearly as good when you guys were gone. How did you feel about the way Lex was handled at the end of the show? Much obliged my friend. John is a genius and made me a much better actor. he is not only a gifted actor but an incredible guy. just had dinner at his house a few months ago. love him. he's like a dad. a good one though.
Hi Michael I'd just like to say that your voice has become the Flash in my mind in the same way Kevin Conroy is the de facto Batman. As for my question, what comic book character would be your dream to play if you hadn't been cast as the Flash? Batman. i could do it. i can make my voice deeper.
What episode of Smallville was your favorite to work on? And what was it like playing a character that changes from being a person trying to do the right thing to becoming Superman’s nemesis? The best characters are the ones that have an arc. that go somewhere. going from a man who is trying to do what's right to a man who's truly lost... that was some journey. one long freaking journey.
I also would just like to say your portrayal of Lex Luthor is easily one of the best acting performances on television! Smallville will always be my favorite show of all time. It's folks like you that make us successful. without you, where would we be? thanks for watching all these years.
Who do you think would make an awesome Lex Luthor if they decide to use him in the Zack Snyder Superman series? If it were me, I would cast you :P. Because I think.. and this is my opinion... that Lex needs to be dynamic and layered. I think he can be funny and insane at the same time. But it needs to be played with absolute conviction. I know I can do this. I think most actors are either serious or comedic. I like to think of myself as both. Unfortunately some people can't get past the fact that I played Lex on television, but i guarantee they would within the first five minutes of watching the movie. Sorry to toot the old horn, but it's honestly how I feel.
Hi Michael! Loved your work on Smallville... Was there a prop or memento you got to take away from your time on the show that you hold near and dear? Yeah. i stole this crazy piece of art from lex's office. i have it here. haha. and his long trench coat from the last episode ever. yes! didn't really steal. just sounds cool to say.
The Flash was one of my favorite characters on Justice League! I wish they had done more episodes focused on him or even spun him off into his own animated series. Did you enjoy working with Kevin Conroy and the other great voice actors on that show? Would you welcome more opportunities to voice him in the future? Yes. they were a real treat. we were always goofing around. but most of the time i was filming smallville so had to do by myself. but i agree... i always liked to be focused on. :)
Thanks for releasing your new movie online concurrently with the theater release. are you getting the response that you had hoped for with the digital market and do you think that this is going to become a bigger trend in movie distribution? It's tough. for an Independent movie to be seen, you really have to get the word out. And before VOD and ITUNES, it was really tough. I'm just thankful that people get to see the movie. The digital market is the future. now and forever. I still want people to go see Back in the Day in theaters. It's different experience.
What was your favorite car that you got to drive as Lex Luthor? I seem to remember him owning a few Ferraris as a couple Porsches. I feel more comfortable driving a van or pick up truck but i didn't hate driving Lamorghinies. (i don't care about spelling)
Speaking of vans, do you still have the Shaggin' Wagon? Durr.
DC or Marvel?! Tough one. love lex but love stan lee. he did say i was the best lex.
STAN LEE COMPLIMENTED YOU!? faint You could totally play a Warren Worthington III or Bobby Drake. Yes. check out the pic i have on twitter. from a while back. yeah!
Congrats on Back in Day. Gonna watch it this weekend. I also want to commend you on having the coolest pad on MTV's cribs. Unlike some of the other places they've show, yours looked lived in. Now my question is: Has there any been any role you went out for that you didn't get? Funny story or long story longer... Sandra Bullock came up to me at a Kings game and said " you are so funny" and i said "what movie did you see me in" and she said "cribs". haha. anyway.. thanks for checking the movie out this weekend. i'll hold you to that. i have been up for many many roles that i didn't get. Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, and millions of others. But i was lex luthor so i ain't complaning. hahah.
Is BITD going to be released in the UK or made available on DVD? It sure as hell better be. or you're going to have to fly a long effing way to see it. :0.
Graduate of Castle here, Even though I graduated a year too soon to be directly involved with the filming, I wanna say thanks for continuing to give back to the community you grew up in and remembering where you came from. I met you a long time ago with Mrs. Godeke and you were such a class act and humble. Way to put the burgh on the map! Hm question. What do you miss most from small town Indiana? HEY CASTLE!!! that's exactly what i wanted to do. I wanted people to see where I grew up and admire what it's really like to grow up in a small town. i loved giving back. but really, it was my home that gave back. too damn generous.
Hey Michael, big fan of your work and can’t wait for your new film. My question would be, just how many doctors, lawyers, etc. did Lex have on retainer on Smallville? He seemed to always have plenty of people to assist Clark or others when needed. Wow. Good question. I wish i knew. let's say a crap load. I think the real question is "where the hell is his security team?" haha.
What is your personal favorite episode or The Flash moment from Justice League / Justice League Unlimited? Also - it was just announced today that Lex Luthor is going to be a member of the DCU Justice League. Thoughts? When clancy brown and i switched voices in the great brain robbery. what a damn treat. and great direction by andrea romano. she's a gem. always keeps me working and keeps that SAG health insurance going.
You were definitely the best Lex! What was your favorite Smallville episode? And are you happy with the way you left the show? Hated to see you go btw. Loved the show. still pals with a lot of the peeps. mostly crew guys and my make up artist natalie. she was like my mom.
Favorite episode was Shattered probably. I lost my effing mind. and loved it.
Which one is harder to play: love, fight or hate scenes? Love. for sure. always feel stupid gazing into someones eyes who doesn't really love you.
What's one character you'd never play and why? Well i've played a super villain, a super hero, a transvestite, a pool shark... what's left?
Michael, do you know if there will be a Back in The Day DVD and Soundtrack? Hell yes! i made sure of it! with loads of extra crap. so much fun. if you go see it in theaters, stay for the credits. 4 minutes of outtakes. I love when comedies do that. i want to see that crap. i'm a fan. and we will have an independent soundtrack for all the indie bands. and all the money will go directly to them. quick shout out to MOCK ORANGE from indiana.
Hell yes.
Just finished Back in The Day, I did see the credits! I also love when movies do that. It's so funny! Loved seeing you be acting and directing at the same time! A man with many hats. You're too kind.
I am such a huge 90s fan, and I feel that you really spoke to me with all the 90s nostalgia through the music in Back in the Day. What was your scene in the 90s? How do you feel you represented the 90s in this film? I love music. mostly 80's and 90's, but i really wanted to give an energy to the movie and with songs like "sex and candy", "in the meantime" and "more human than human"... those were my favorites back then. They just speak to me like I'm assuming they spoke to you. Radical.
Was there really no alternative to shaving your head? None. no choice. i was always worried whether it would grow back or not. thank god it did. i'm hairy
What ran through your mind when you were asked to come back for the series finale? And how did you think the series as a whole turned out, as far as Clark and Lex's journey towards their respective roles in the world? Thanks again. i'm eating mexican food right now btw. just thought i'd say that. anyway...i had too. the fans wanted it. gotta make your fans happy. and i didn't want to hear "why didn't you go back" when i was 80 and dying. the series put me on the map. i'm forever indebted. it was a nice ending. It was no Breaking Bad, but what really is? that's my fave. haha.
Spoiler alert - Michael Rosenbaum/Lex LuthoThe Flash dies at 80. Damn. i jinxed myself.
What is your favorite role to date? Loved Danny in Poolhall Junkies. loved Gill from Hit and Run and certain Jim from BITD... but lex was so dynamic. that's the easy answer. Although i'm really a comedian at heart.
Hey mike, I'm a huge fan from way back (sweet November and then smallville)... anyway, was BITD a case of art imitating life? I read a long time ago about the annual (?) whiffle ball tourneys in your hometown, so did (or does) this scenario happen to you? where you feel happier at home? I go back to indiana twice a year for a whiffleball tourney... that's right. we raise money for charity or a friend in need. i miss home. there's something simple and nice about being back. a sense of community. i will one day retire there i'm sure. and thanks for being my fan.
Very cool that it's for charity. BITD was great, so please keep writing, directing, and acting. I'd love to see you as Lex again, as you were phenomenal in that role, but I've liked you in everything, so I'll watch whatever. best of luck! I will. thank you pal. awesome.
I saw Harland Williams on Conan when he was promoting your new film. How is he in real life? The stories I've heard is that he can be a douche when it comes to fans in public. Any funny stories from the set of Sorority Boys? Congrats on the film! He's the coolest guy in the world. heart of gold. don't believe everything you here my friend. i'm the douche. just kidding. seeing harland in drag for three months (in sorority boys) was a bonding experience that only two men can share in drag. hahahahaah.
Michael, big fan. I saw Back in the Day and loved it. I recently read a tweet of yours that you wanted Leo DiCaprio's Star Wars collection of memorabilia. I've read you have an awesome toy/action figure collection yourself in your home office. Care to share a photo? Gosh. i have so many toys. i'm staring at freddy kruger, edward scissorhands and thinking... aren't i 41 years old? check out my twitter i'll try and post something after the AMA. it's @mrosenbaum711.
How would you describe your latest movie "Back In The Day" - IN JUST 3 WORDS - to someone who hasn't seen it yet? Apart from AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME :) Hmm. Back in the Day...
Fun. Raunchy. Heartfelt. Farts. damn, that's four.
Hey Michael! How is it that you are still single? ;) You rock man! You rock. and why am i single? because i need someone to really knock me off my feet damn it. you know anyone?
Ya've already had an earthquake today! What more do you want? Two earthquakes...LOL. An earthquake on itunes for Back in the Day would be sweet. ;)
Hi do you have any Directorial advice??? :~) Hmm. i just got so much advice from other directors but i would say BE PREPARED. and communicate and do whatever you can to get what you want on screen. And be one step ahead on every shot. know what you are going to do next.
Hello, I heard you voiced this character on the first Yakuza series. What was the experience? Great. love voicing video games. you get to play with yourself. i mean when you are actually playing the game... you know what i'm saying.
How was the transition from actor to director? I have the attention span of a fruit fly. i like to mix things up. i'm pretty decent at a lot of things, but not great at anything. haha.
Huge fan! I have many things I want to ask but honestly, why does it seem like everyone that played on Smallville has acted as if the show was a burden? You're pretty much the only one who hasn't. Also, why doesn't anyone interact with Tom anymore? Congrats in the movie! Can't wait to see it! I complained sometimes. everyone does. but i'm sincerely appreciative at the same time. everyone has bad days at the office. i guess ours is just more public. Tom just does his own thing. that's okay. i mean we were working 12 hours a day together for many years. i know that when they called wrap... the last people i wanted to hang with was my cast. haha. but we still talk. good dude.
Thanks for answering that. I know as a Smallville fan it was disheartening to see people like Kristen, Tom, Allison and even Erica shun the show after it was over. Did they shun it? i never knew that?
Between being an actor, director, producer, and writer, what role do you find to be the most difficult? Individually... they are all difficult. but when you do them all at the same time... that's a real bitch! Back in the Day was a handful and it was the first time doing all of those things together. but wouldn't trade it for the world. the next project i think i'll just direct and maybe play a smaller role if any. I really enjoyed just the directing aspect on those few days where I only had to direct.
If you could choose 5 guests (from any point in time) to join you fora dinner party, who would you choose & why? Chris Farley Jim Morrison Dudley Moore Morrisey Bette Davis.
AKA the most eclectic and dangerous dinner in history... Hell yeah. laughs, great music, and great stories. and farts.
How did you feel about Back In The Day being the movie for your directorial debut? Also, you seem to be heavily invested in movies at the moment, but will we ever see you back on TV? Love tv. but i get offered a lot of crap. the best part of being on a successful series like smallville is that now i can be patient and do what i want. i'm very luck. i just auditioned for a Scorsese pilot. I would do that in a heartbeat. I just don't want to do NCIS Nebraska. not that it would be bad. just not what i want to do.
Hi Michael! First, thanks for getting me through boring chemo treatments (Smallville episodes)! We are both 80's kids, and are a little (okay a LOT) into music. So, I'm going to ask: What 5 discs would you take with you on a desert island? XoXo from coastal NC That means the world to me. i hope you are doing great and wish you only health and happiness.
Thompson twins greatest hits,michael jackson's greatest hits,hall and oates greatest hits, chicago's greatest hits and the doors greatest hits.
I'm 5 years out, I actually miss being bald;)...sometimes, thanks for the well wishes. Greatest hits? Almost a cop out! But, I'd do the same with Pink Floyd, Queen and Rush. I liked being bald too. it's cool. love those bands too.
Did you ever get a sense why Breaking In seemed to keep getting canceled and uncanceled and changing times? Never know what happens. you just show up to work, hit your mark and try to be funny. great fun though on that project.
Hello and thanks for doing this AMA! I really got a kick out of the film Sorority Boys. How did you get along with your 2 other co-stars? Did you guys get into any funny antics behind the scenes? Always got into trouble. i loved when we were in drag and crew guys from other movies saw us from afar...and they would stare. but when we got closer they looked like they were going to shit themselves. it was great. we were not pretty women. nothing like jared leto. and i love reuniting with harland williams for back in the day . he's my pal.
Is there any country/place/destination which you would like to visit, that you haven't already? Spain. iceland. krypton.
I have to say my favorite episode of Smallville is "Lexmas" not because you get shot and almost die, but because we got to see a different kind of Lex Luthor! Did you like filming that episode? Also was that the only Christmas episode Smallville ever did? Yeah. lexmas. i loved that one. i got to be sweet and charming. awww. thanks. i think it was the only xmas ep. but i left after 7 seasons and never watched again after that. until i came back. then i had to get caught up.
Favorite place to go to dinner and what do you order? Anywhere with steak. and mashed potatoes.
, I'm a big fan. I believe Smallville suffered after you left and there was a void that just couldn't be filled. Were there any actors that helped influence your Lex Luthor? Also, how was it working on Always Sunny? My relationship with my father helped. hahaahaha. sunny was amazing. great people. funny ass people.
Will you be attending any of the Comic Cons/Fan Expos this year? Sacremento,Orlando Mega Con, Wizard Louisville,
St. Louis,Fan Boy Knoxville,Australia,San Antonio,Vancouver.
Awesome! Hope to catch you there. :) Don't drop me.
Loved your performance in smallville! It was brilliant. And justice league of course. My question is: What was the hardest thing you encountered in your roll/getting/preparing of Lex and how did you face it? Thanks! Just thinking if i could actually pull it off. i was worried. and would i look like the dude from goonies when i shaved my head.
Gravity or American Hustle?? Gravity. unless i want to sleep.
Is Allison Mack as beautiful in person as she was onscreen? Yes. hot. haha.
What was your first impression of Tom Welling? Geniuine. at first...haha.
What do you think your life would be like if you hadn't made it big? And just stayed home? I'd be a DJ at a roller rink or a sports announcer.or i'd still be sacking groceries at wesselmans.
Hi Michael, what was it like to work with the crew at Always Sunny? Those guys are genius. truly. and good guys. most of the really successful guys in this business are pretty solid, but they are on another level. rob machelhany used to sleep on our couch in NYC when i lived in a one bedroom with 3 other dudes. Why i was only put in one episode is beyond me. hahaahah. just kidding. i had a blast doing that show. so many people watch.
Im having pizza for dinner right now, its 7pm Scotland time dude. Whats your favorite pizza toppings? Ive got chicken,bacon,bbq sauce, peppers going on right now!! Yeah!! Paula Thunder Hey girlfriend. you know i love just pepperoni or do you not?
I do love pepperoni! I love some meat...on my pizza! ;-) But I'm also one of those weirdos that puts pineapple on their pizza :-/ Judge me, I dare ya! Grody. :)))
Where did the Garvin come from in bitd? Was that impromptu Harland? Best question yet. A FART question. i wrote that! when we were younger, we used to actually throw our farts. Of course the LA Times and NY Times might not like a movie that includes fart throwing, but I didn't make the movie for critics or people that read the Arts Section of those papers. I made it for people who read the fART section :))) That's my favorite scene in the movie. i laugh every time i watch it. "right there on the tom selleck". that line was improvised by Harland.
Thx for reply. My favorite as well. We have watched it 4 times and bought on iTunes. Oh and the puke scene. That's the most realistic one I have ever seen. I was having deva vu. Congrats on your success. I'm heading to pizza king. You are my hero. love that you've seen the movie 4 times in the week it has been out. wow. devotion. now if there were only 400,000 of you.
Maybe. But it's *bleeping hilarious and is so relatable even if you aren't from the area. How is it doing on iTunes? Great. you spreading the word? thanks.
Why did you leave Smallville? My contract ended. and i wanted to go and make movies and have hair. haha.
Yes sir. I emailed brad booker, have done SEVERAL fb shares and as soon as I figure out Twitter I'm all over it. I bought 11 tickets for my son, his friends and cousins to see it. And they r 16. What else can I do to help? Holy shit. thank you. you have already done enough. just spread the word and god bless. tooo kind.
Do you have any screenwriting advice as well please? thank you! :~) Write what you know. at least at first. enjoy what you write. don't write what you think people will like.
I know you're a huge fan of the NHL, what other professional sports do you enjoy watching? Anything really. love sports. but hockey number 1.
Holy HAIR! I'm loving the new do~ I can't wait to see you in "Back In The Day." Is this your directorial debut as well? You were always my favorite actor on Smallville:) [I'm hoping for your Zack Snyder call as well!] First time directing a movie, yes. and thanks for that.
Met you at a party back in 91 I think...I went to Reitz same years you were at Castle (nobody's perfect). I live in FL now but flew back to watch the premiere with a friend (both of us Smallville fans), wanted to just say fantastic piece of cinema, and ask you: Evansville's West side -- Great part of town or Greatest? Good sense of humor. i had a pal that went there. thanks for flying back. what a stud. pretty damn great.
Michael , been a fan of yours since I was in middle school. I think you are an awesome actor. Your a very talented and all together great guy. Love Back in the day, Indiana looks like a great place! What was your favorite part of filming back at home? Filming with friends and family. just a great support team. dream come true. you rock.
Thanks, Obviously I think you rock too! So far I have seen Back in The Day twice today! Let's go for 10. haha.
How log did it take to actually film the movie? Didn't you start back in 2011? Filmed in march of 2011 and shot for 20 days. indies take a long time to turn around.
Hi Michael, I guess the character of the questions will depend on what you're wearing right assuming you're goes...what's the best AND the worst movie soundtrack ever that's left a lasting impression on you and why? Caddy shack is great. so is footloose and breakfast club. worst? hmm. probably and remake of those movies.
I heard you really know and hang out with Dave Clark when you visit Evansville. Is he really as cool as everybody says? Do you really rub his bald head for luck before hitting home runs in Whiffle Tournaments? Back in the Day was literally the coolest Movie I have ever seen in my life. If that's what he tells ya. haha. he's my BOY. love that guy. really helped on Back in the DAy and getting word out.
Your favourite line/moment in your beautiful short "Ghild"? "i'm bigger than you. I'll throw you threw the roof". you can watch GHILD for free online ya know.
Favorite and least favorite high school teacher? Loved em all. mrs. rowe. mr. morrow. mr. raymond. all great peeps. mrs. skinner... hola senorita.
Hey! You are awesome, seriously. I saw some videos of your impressions of other people years ago! Spacey, Walken, Eastwood, etc. Which are you most proud of so I can go watch it again and appreciate your hilariousness? Love hamming it up. love all of them. my fave is ARTHUR. the dudley more one. and john malkovich.
When will you come to Brazil? We have amazing places for you to enjoy. I keep asking morena baccarin to take me there. i really would love to come out there.
What's your favourite roller coaster to go on? Okay, top 3? I love disney world. Space Mountain, Rockin roller coater, tower of terror, but SIX FLAGS Magic Mtn has some crazy ass coasters. they scare me and are incredible. love coasters.
Hey Michael, do you watch any TV series? What are your favorite ones that are running now? Dateline on NBC. haha.
HI, Rosey. What scene was your favorite to shoot of "Back In The Day"? Whipping scene with sarah colonna was genius. she was nervous to do that role but if you haven't seen it you'll know why. the fart throwing scene was amazing to watch. the penis scene was amzing. that was probably the best part of the shoot. oh... and the puking scene. oh and filming on the football field at castle high school.
Were you ever on the Castle football field back in high school? Attend a game? NO. i wasn't cool back then. that's why i wrote it in the movie Back in the Day. Movie magic. you can be cool when you make a movie. haha. i still go back and attend games.
Is there audio commentary on the DVD? I love audio commentaries. Especially the Psych ones on the DVD sets. Loved the ones you did for Smallville. Yes. morena, harland, isaiah and i all did commentary.
Hello Mr. Rosenbaum I've been a fan of yours for years Everytime I read anything with the Flash or Lex Luthor I hear your voice. Today is my ex gfs birthday and I miss her a whole lot I've got two questions for you. The first one is how are you doing today sir? And the second is will we ever see you on its always sunny in phildelphia again? Great. everyday you wake up is a good day. ask the guys from always sunny. hell yeah i'd do it. blast
When the heck are you coming back to the UK? Get your ass to Scotland already dude. Fine. jeez.
You have kissed both Kristin Kreuk and my gf. you lucky basterd. does this make you my arch nemesis? Does it? haha.
What other movies/projects do you have coming soon? I want to see you do a villain again, no one beats your Lex Luthor. Tell zack. much love. oh... wait til you see THE NERDIST later today. i'm on it. i think you will all love. fun little sketch we did.
Big fan of poolhall junkies! Do you still keep in touch with the Smallville cast? Totally. allison just tweeted the movie and so did kristen. lovely gals.
Is there any superhero or villain that you haven't voiced yet that you'd like to take a stab at? I just love doing it. i'll do anything really.
Do you see yourself going more down the director route? Yes. love it. doing another one for sure.
How awesome was the wig you had to wear in Bringing Down The House? I'd give it a 9/10. Terrible. hated it. brutal. that's what sucked. i had to wear wigs for that movie and sorority boys and this little short i did special. the wigs really take people out of it and they itch. but i couldn't turn em down. loved working with steven martin.
Any chance for your short "FADE INTO YOU" to be shown to a wider (online) audience? It was just a little stepping stone for to direct. i shot it for two days at my house for nothing. i love it and it came out great. it was at Scream Fest and that was really cool. i'lll put it online sometime.
Just wanted to say before I ask my question, your Lex Luthor is my favorite TV villain of all-time. You were incredible in that role. My question: Did your experiences as an actor shape or influence the way you directed "Back In The Day?" Good luck with the film; I hope everyone supports it! You rock. yeah. being an actor helped out a ton. i think i knew how to talk with the other actors to help get what i wanted. i also directed an ep on smallville. do you remember which one?
I do!! "Freak" from season 6. Was that your directing debut? Yup. rad.
Actually that was my favorite ep. i loved it.
Ever plan on coming back to WKU to visit sometime? I promise we can have a blast hanging out at the top of PFT! I want to film my next movie there. i even want to screen Back in the DAy there. could you get a huge crew to go see it if we play there?
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