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2020.08.29 18:18 IdolA29Augl New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny

New G-ay On-line Da-ting Too Ma-ny
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2020.05.28 17:11 Namel909 Self doubt over my (27 M) worth of myself and my girlfriend (24F)

Thanks for all your input to my problem.
This is a rant and a partial problem that as humans are, is connected to other issues that i have here and there in my live.
So the issue is that every now and then when i feel down and have a demotiavtional wave i also question my own and my girlfriends worth.
My girlfriend is a 24 years old woman from the philipines, she has issues with connecting with others in love (a very few bad past relationships). Looks wise she is a 4 (would get better with sport but she always has excuses to not do that). She is not obese but a little chubby, she got an ok Face. (Can‘t quite judge the face really so i feel as if it is probably worse than it actually is) Her personality flaws are depression, low self esteem, the connection issues but she got the strength that when i need her she can bottle up her issues and productively assist me with my issues. She is also cool with my rather odd kinks and needs. She is religious christian but doesn‘t force it on anyone. She also has a slightly crippled leg which impairs her ability to walk a little bit and she says she could walk 5km in 1 day at normal speed but above that the pain of the deep scar would make it difficult to walk more.
But she is living in the philipines and i live in germany.
Now the issue is that i feel, am i not able or not worth to get a better relationship partner ?
Or is she worse than what i see of her of what she displays to me over our chats, calls and here and there video connections ?
I think that i love her and i am dedicated (i am wrighting this as a preemtive strike against even starting to search for a „better“ replacement, knowing full well that my lack of social skills make this task very hard for me). At the same time i feel like other people, better woman could live closer to me and would be a better match.
My relationships that i had before my current one were all found in broken woman who left me because the first one was on the mental level depression and other issues wise hot trailor trash (she dumped me after the butterflyes went away) and the second one left me after she had fallen back into depression because i was pre ocupied with my own live and wasn‘t there to nag her to get follow up depression treatment (she had allready made documented progress in getting netter in her depression), so woman number 2 pushed me out of her live to protect her depression way of live.
So who am i in comparison ?
Rough draft i am tall, strong, good with logic and machines but bad with emotions and social stuff.
Don‘t know if i look overly good or bad but my gf thinks i am cute.
Thanks for all your imput to my problem.

TL;DR As mandetory from the group, i feel bad over possible worth of myself and my girlfriend, feel bad about "can´t i do better ?" kind of feeling.
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2020.05.21 16:00 CrimsonPants Record of Ragnarok vs Everyone Crossover Tourney Round 4

Roster Reminder:(These contenders were voted for by this reddit, not my own list. Victors of each round are also voted for.)
Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins) Captain Ahab (Moby Dick) Violet Evergarden Mugen (Samurai Champloo) King Bradley (Full Metal Alchemist) Sengoku Iori (Gamaran) Spike Spiegel (Cowboy bebop) Gabimaru (Hell's Paradise) Nezumi (Juuni Taisen) Sherlock Holmes Guts (Berserk) John Wick Rengoku Kyoujurou (Demon Slayer)

Round 5: Gabimaru vs Aed (Celtic)
Humanity despairs as they suffer three loses in a row. Even champions from other universes could not save all of humanity. The panic began to dawn on the crowd that if this next match was not won, all would be lost. Heimdall set the stage for what would come. In the most spacious arena yet, rolling green hills gave way to a forest at the very center. Heimdall began his announcements: "Welcommeeeee to the fifth round of Ragnarok! After three brutal loses, humanity faces a near total wipeout! Can our new contender reignite the fire of hope? Feared by enemies and allies alike in his past, this famous Iwagakure shinobi steps out of the shadows once more to face off against a god! Give it up for Gabimaru the Holloooowww!" The gates on one side opened for Gabimaru to enter into this sprawling space. Unlike all the previous matches of Ragnarok that he had spectated, this arena did not allow him to see his opponent immediately. His gaze followed the outer walls, noticing just how large it really was.
"And facing Gabimaru, It's Aed..." Heimdall gave a rather lackluster intro, almost spiteful in fact. Aed stepped out onto the arena with a bag full to the brim with various weapons strung over his shoulder. He chuckled a bit at Heimdalls intro, knowing Heimdall was still bitter about him stealing away his chance at a mortal girl just last millennia. A few goddesses swooned as he stepped out, and Aed gave a confident grin, despite the fact he could almost feel the hatred of the gods resonating towards him. Aed never truly fit in among the gods. Whilst many were content with their designated roles, being lord of the dead didn't truly suit his fancy, and he ran from his duties whenever possible. It was only when his brother, Cermait dragged him back that he was forced to the menial task of managing souls. And, much like being forced to uphold his duties as a god, he was forced to participate in Ragnarok, which was quite a bother to him.
Gabimaru and Aed heard Heimdall call the beginning of the match, but neither had the faintest clue where the other was, but both were certain of one thing. The rolling hills on the outskirts of the arena provided little cover, so the idea was to force them into the close quarters forest in the middle. Gabimaru would near the forest, but rather than walk on the forest ground, he got into the upper branches to move from tree to tree in the cover of the leaves. Aed, on the other hand, would begin to take his weapons from his back and sling them over his shoulders, strap them to his side, generally ready himself for battle. In total he had eight different divine weapons, each with a different ability, and the first one he chose to open up with was a sling from the american gods. A gift for wooing a great spirit one day. He set a rock in and began to spin it as he sat just on the outskirts of the forest.
Gabimaru reached the center of the forest and noticed something was immediately off as he could not sense his opponent anywhere in the forest. No crunching leaves, nor peculiar rustling. It was dead quiet. Suddenly a rock came barreling out of nowhere, cracking the tree Gabimaru sat on clean in half. He fell to a nearby tree, his dagger changing to a meathook as he caught onto the branch and spun himself up on top. His volund, Svipul, was useful in changing forms. More rocks came hurtling out of the far end of the woods at Gabimaru, shattering gravel and splinters all over as he danced between different trees to avoid falling and injuring himself.
The stones were drawing closer to his true location, but Gabimaru was patient. He studied the source of each one, and as the next one shattered, he allowed himself to fall with the stones and splinters. He swung his leg, hitting each of the stones. Ninpo: Thunder Stones. Aed heard the stones whistling just in time to avoid them. He knew past fighters fell into the trap of taking attacks unnecessarily. Until he knew what Gabimarus volund was, he wouldn't take his chances. He put the sling down, drawing out a divine blowgun. Many mocked his bizarre choice in weapons, but Aed was calm, he knew the strengths this weapon possessed. He had four darts, so he had to make them count. Unfortunately, he would have to wait for his opponent to get closer. Unlike the sling, the blowgun did not automatically seek out enemies.
As soon as Gabimarus blade flashed in the sunlight, he blew his first dart. Gabimaru sensed it coming, and narrowly took cover behind a tree. The dart hit a tree next to him, and it immediately began to wither and die. Gabimaru cricled around above the tree, moving along the upper branches as a second dart narrowly missed his head. He let his volund slip into the form of a katana as he neared Aed's position. The third dart also missed, and Aed cursed his impatience, this time waiting until the very last moment. Gabimaru leapt from above, coming down for a fatal decapitation. Aed spat the last blowdart just as Gabimaru neared him. He rolled out of the way just barely as he hopped to his feet to see if it worked. Gabimaru yanked the dart out of his left arm almost immediately, but the flesh near the impact site was rotting already. Aed was confident in his victory, until he watched the spread stop thanks to Gabimarus Plant Tao slowly repairing the damage to his body.
He still felt confident in his speed, but he felt something trickle down his cheek. He pressed the tips of his fingers against the source, noticing he was bleeding. Gabimaru cut his face, though he couldn't complain too much. After all a scar or two would make him more handsome. He drew his next two weapons, both from his trip to india. A chakram and a Bhuj, a knife on the end of an ax handle. Aed whipped the chakram towards Gabimaru, who skillfully weaved to the side. Aed slid in to close quarters, jabbing the bhuj straight for Gabimarus center mass. Gabimaru deflected the bhuj and changed his volund into a knife as he stepped in point blank to stab Aed in the throat while he still had his arm extended. The Chakram whizzed back, nailing Gabimaru directly in the side. He let out a cry of pain, falling back, but not before swinging his volund straight into the hilt of the bhuj, snapping the divine weapons handle in two before he could discover what terrifying powers it had. Aed drew his next two bizzare weapons. A Japanese Kama paired with a Greek Xiphos. As he prepared to move forward however, he noticed something off about Gabimaru that caused him to pause. The air around Gabimaru was beginning to wave, as though it was scalding hot. Gabimaru suddenly burst into flames, the heat causing the crowd nearby to shield themselves.
With Ninpo: Fire Monk active, the tides had turned quite a bit. Aed watched as Gabimaru pulled the Chakram from his side and melted it. In this form he looked less like a man and more like a demon. The Chakram melted in Gabimarus hands as he cauterized his new wound. Aed had to test the heat, and chose to sacrafice his Kama as he ran up and threw it at the end of a chain. As it came around, Gabimaru caught the chain and melted it quicker than Aed had hoped for. With but three Divine Weapons left, Aed was quickly being backed into a corner. He drew his next weapon before his last resort, a Kampilan from the philipines. Duel wielding blades from the opposite side of the world may be impossible for some, but Aed loved exploring new places and cultures, so such a thing was trivial for him.
Gabimaru dashed towards him, taking initiative once more, opening the fight again with Ninpo: Flame Judgement. The flaming kick sailed for Aed, and he dodged so narrowly the hairs on his arm burned off. He followed up by slashing Gabimaru with the newly drawn Kampilan. Water erupted following the slash, and Gabimaru immediately realized why Aed was still going for melee. He grabbed the ground and pulled himself towards it as the blade sailed by his hair. Aed observed this curiously, wondering if water would truly counter a heat this intense. Gabimaru would reach into his bag, throwing something at Aed. Instinctively he slipped back, and the trap was laid. Ninpo: Demon Firefly. It blinded Aed for the second Gabimaru needed to disarm him of both of his weapons. He went to jab his knife into Aeds throat after he disarmed him, but Aed headbutted forward, letting the knife take his eye instead as he tackled Gabimaru down the hill, rolling into the forest.
Aed stood, patting his clothes that were burning. When he looked up, Gabimaru had already recovered, and had lit an entire tree ablaze. He ripped it up from the roots and threw the entire tree at Aed, who watched stunned as the next attack in his opponents arsenal came after him: Ninpo, Thorn Quilt. He had something for every situation, and Aed had no choice. Down to his last weapon, the only one he wasn't willing to lose. He drew his Celtic Broadsword, the gift he got from when he and his brother were still close. With it in hand, Aed was at his peak. It was nothing as simple as a power-up, but the Celtic sword was something he was trained with since birth, not a fighting style he merely adopted. He took one wide swing, parting the tree in two as it sailed past him and erupted the hill behind him. Aed lunged forward, putting Gabimaru on the defensive with a flurry of swings.
Gabimaru led Aed back through the forest in a frantic chase. Each swing Aed took would knock over a whole tree, yet he didn't take anything but a few hairs from Gabimarus head. He began to get worried. Gabimaru was avoiding him way too much. The Valkyries must have warned him of his Divine Weapon. Cermait gave him a sword that can cut not just the physical form, but the spiritual. In essence, any cut he deals with this sword cannot be healed, not by god nor man. Gabimaru finally countered by leaping up to hit Aed with a dropkick. As he used his sword to block, Gabimaru kicked off the blade to put distance between them, sliding along the ground as Aed realized where they were now. This is where all the rocks had shattered against the trees. Gabimaru scooped up two handfulls of gravel, turning them nigh-molten with his body heat as he hurtled them towards Aed like small bullets. He did his best, putting all his effort into blocking each rock. In this time, Gabimaru snuck up behind him, hitting Aed with Ninpo: Wind Sewing. A fireball spewed into Aeds back as he got launched back, sliding into the dirt as his back bled profusely from the burns. He took heavy breaths, but through the ringing in his head, and the pain in his back, he heard his brother call out to him, panick on his voice.
"So you do care..." Is all Aed could say as he stumbled to his feet. He readied his blade, trying to step forward, but he stumbled, falling to a knee, looking down he saw one of the rocks had embedded itself in his leg. He grit his teeth as he tried to push himself up to his feet. He couldn't fight against an agile opponent like Gabimaru with a leg like this. He stood, watching Gabimaru appraoach him, his only thoughts being how utterly terrifying this man was. Aed had lived his life rueld by his emotions, but Gabimaru truly lacked them in this one moment. Aed lifted his sword to ready an attack, but Gabimaru took one large breath, unleashing a finishing move. Ninpo: Fire Bridge. In a fiery inferno, half the forest was erased, Aed going with it as Gabimaru took several labored breaths. The fight had taken quite a toll on him, and he barely had the energy to get back out of the arena. Humanity cheered, screaming in thunderous unison as Gabimaru restored hope to all that they may just have a chance yet. However, Aed would go unmourned by all but his brother. Having lived a selfish life had won him no friends, and to some, this almost seemed like an execution for Aed, punishment for defying the will of the rest of the gods.
Round 5: Gabimaru vs Aed
Winner: Gabimaru
Finishing move: Ninpo: Fire Bridge
Match Length: 29 minutes, 12 seconds

Round 6: Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulhu
Riding the high of their second victory, humanity prepares for a match they hope to bring a tie. However, all humans and gods are ushered out of the arena. Many protest, but one man stops, his eyes wide as he notices the new arena being built. The familiarity haunts him as H.P. Lovecraft cries out in horror. Those who recognize him turn to realize just whom is going next match. Humanity and lesser gods are ushered into bunkers, as they finally receive the explanation they desire. The next round cannot be directly spectated, for the god participating is none other than Cthulhu. But a single glimpse will drive all men mad, and some lesser gods cannot even resist this. It is hard for many pantheons to even recognize Cthulhu as a god. Only by a combined effort was he bound to a form more comprehensible by mortal gods. Now, he was going to be unleashed to utterly devastate whatever human fighter faces him. The poor sap will go mad and die in the blink of an eye.
Heimdall is luckily just strong enough to be able to witness this fight, and plans to spectate much like an old timey radio host. He announces that Cthulhu had attained his true form in the midst of London. The sky above the arena was pitch black, not even a star shined when Cthulhu was present, for he would destroy all. His opponent sat inside a recreation of his home on 221B Baker Street. Watson, listening in perked up as he heard this. The greatest detective mind of all time. Sherlock Holmes! His partner in crime was to do battle with a god! On the other end, Sherlock sat peacefully holding his cane in one hand as he read a book. He clasped the book shut as the cane slowly began to glow a slight blue hue.
He knew the beast sat right outside his window. It whispered taunts, promises, alluring deals, all at the same time. It tried its best to make Sherlock looks its direction, but he knew better. He stood up, adjusting his coat, putting on his hat, turning his back to the creature and heading out the back window. Cthulhu roared in anger as the ground beneath Sherlock became loose and watery like some sort of quicksand. He drew his cane sword, and reality snapped back, the maddening illusion dispelling. He went to go hide in a building up ahead, an old derelict warehouse. Sigrun, his volund, spoke to him through the cane sword. She asked how Sherlock planned to combat something he could not catch even a glimpse of. Something of extraordinary size at that. Sherlock responded to her question with another question. "Is it true that we cannot look at him simply because humans cannot comprehend what he is?"
"It is, but Sherlock, this has little to do with how we defeat him." She responded.
"Oh, on the contrary it has everything to do with how we defeat him." Sherlock patted the cane sword against his hand. The building began to shake as Sherlock quickly withdrew out the back alley, holding a hand on his hat as he ran. He knew these streets like the back of his hand, even the parts he had never been. He popped open a nearby manhole and hopped into a recreation of Londons sewers. The cane stopped glowing, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Still, despite the fact he knew for sure Cthulhu was nowhere nearby, and Sigrun was warding off his tangible effects on reality, he still heard him. Something mouth less breathing down his neck, a chill in the air that spoke. Things he could not comprehend, and Sherlock grew only more frustrated with each passing step as some new trick was played upon his mind. Sigrun finally stopped Sherlock, wondering where he was headed. Sherlock merely dangled his finger in the air as the cane began to glow again. The ground shook hard, yet Sherlock maintained perfect balance. He climbed a small ladder, stood below a manhole, and thrust his blade upwards. A cry of rage escaped above him as he slid down the ladder, quickly retreating with little care as the sewer behind him began to crumble. He examined the blood on the sword. Though it should be a liquid, it was difficult to quite comprehend. This being took every law of nature he knew and spat in its face. Blood was liquid? Yet it felt solid but light. Sherlock hastily held his hat as he used the sewers to navigate several blocks away.
He arrived in a library London, listening to a monsoon whip against the outer walls. He began to pick through some books as Sigrun constantly nagged him to flee or fight. Sherlock told her that he had been on the run for nary an hour now, and he had little to show for it but his enemies ire. He picked the last book out, setting his cane to the wall as he began to read. Sigrun left her volund form, causing her to grow angry with Sherlocks carelessness. Despite all her nagging, he simply kept his nose buried in the books he was reading. She would ask him a question, and he would respond in kind, each question he asked about Cthulhu felt more like a riddle to be solved. Sigrun begin to back off as she realized what he was doing. "Sherlock, you aren't honestly going to try...?" Sherlock heard a voice call from outside. Cthulhu, this time he spoke in an understandable tongue.
"No more hiding." A barotone voice roared at Sherlock. Sherlock stuck out his hand as he reacquired his volund with Sigrun. She tried to warn him as he stepped outside, staring up at Cthulhu. The beast had what could almost be construed as a grin. However, Sherlock mocked him by yawning.
"It took but a few hours for me to deduce what you truly are." He tapped his watch. "Quite miserable for a so called god." He taunted. Cthulhu roared, bringing down a giant appendage to crush the entire street, but Sherlock leapt out of the way, and as soon as the appendage hit the ground, he used Sigrun to stab into it. He climbed atop and ran along the edge. The limb moved down the whole street, but Sherlock managed to climb across it before Cthulhu could withdraw it to his massive form. As Cthulhu tried to recoil from the pain, his arm fell from his body. Now enraged, Cthulhu began to unleash a torrent of things unfathomable. Masses of tentacles that writhed across the streets of London, some rushed like rivers of water, others moved as though they were alive as separate entities from Cthulhu himself. Sherlock panicked, withdrawing across the street and climbing a fire escape to evade a torrent of water flowing his way. As he saw Cthulhu in the distance, he couldn't help but recall the Valkyries constant warnings not to look at him. The threat of his mind not comprehending the beast was downright insulting to Sherlock. He leapt across rooftops as he approached Cthulhu. The tantrum it had was making it hard for it to pinpoint where Sherlock was anymore, and when he got to its hind leg, he easily snuck onto it with a leap, dragging Sigrun down the side of Cthulhu. He knew exactly how the beast would fall from the cut, and moved to be out of the way. When Cthulhu collapsed, Sherlock rushed up along his back, a flurry of blows delivering thousands of cuts upon the beast, rending the flesh from his skin, which fell against the streets of London like sheets of cloth. As he reached the wings, Cthulhu was beginning to rise again, so he plunged Sigrun directly into one of the wings and pulled to swing himself onto the tallest rooftop nearby. This would keep him grounded. However, the response he gave was not what Sherlock predicted. He foresaw the conclusion of this fight from the very start, but had hoped against all odds, that for once in a long time, he would be wrong.
Cthulhu bellowed, swiping wide at the building Sherlock was on. At this range, there was no where he could go that would allow him to evade such a massive enemy. The swipe blew the building apart, sending Sherlock flying as he took a nasty five story fall. His ribs were shattered easily, and rebar from the building had stabbed into his shoulder. Despite this, and Sigruns concern, he got to his feet, and limped onwards. He returned home, going back to sit in his chair as Sigrun began to question."What do we do now, Sherlock?"
"Unfortunately dear, I failed. Actual combat with a beast of that size is nigh impossible, and my one plan failed. I am a detective, not a ninja nor a samurai."
"Then you are going to throw in the towel?" She asked. "Even after you managed to use deduction to comprehend Cthulhus true form? Even after you delivered such a devastating flurry of attacks?"
"Unfortunately, it seems my last option. Not all fights are long and drawn out. I knew this battle ended in one hit from him or several thousand from me. I just wasn't fast enough to reach his head. Fear not though, for my plan went off without a hitch." Sherlock chuckled through the pain. "You're ability to seal away the power of gods was incredibly useful, madam. It was a shame I could not put it to better use than to seal this beast for good.'
"You know if you are to die, I die with you, and if that happens, all your work to seal him is moot. We must finish this, we must-" Sigrun was cut off when Sherlock tossed her across the room. He smiled at her shocked expression as she returned to her regular form.
"I never had an intention for you to die with me." Sherlock stood from his seat, patting Sigrun on the shoulder as he coughed a bit. She tried many times to convince him of another way, but Sherlock was one of the greatest minds in history. He knew there was no other way. If Sigrun lives, Cthulhu will be forever weakened. Had he been a more physically able fighter, this fight would be over already. All he can hope is that Sigrun will keep Cthulhu perpetually weakened so that he may never again be a threat to the future of man. He ushered Sigrun out of his house, turning to her before she were to flee. "Choosing my partners life over mine." He mused to himself. "I feel Watson may be touched by the sentiment." As Sigrun fled down the street, she watched as Cthulhu approached 221B Baker Street, and flattened the entire building. Heimdall would call the match, as Humanity ,frustrated, would cry as they lost any hope of breaking even with the gods. As Heimdall went to check on Cthulhu however, he noticed something was quite off. The best was barely breathing. Sigrun realized the final, greatest part of Sherlocks plan. He tricked her into running so he may lure Cthulhu in. Because the wounds he dealt, the removal of Cthulhus powers, it all meant something more. As a being, Cthulhu was closer to a concept than something physical like most gods. To be anchored to reality was killing him, meaning in the end, Sherlock knew that he had to buy time and keep Sigrun alive so that the effect would act like a poison to the beast. However, Sherlock in the end, died first, meaning the win still goes to the Gods.
Round 6: Sherlock Holmes vs Cthulhu
Winner: Cthulhu (Now Deceased)
Finishing Move: Devestation of London
Match Length: 7 hours, 53 minutes
Things aren't looking good for our Crossover fighters. Luckily however, we are saving some of the heavy hitters for last. For now, we have our next two rounds of voting. Vote the winners in the comments, and I will write up their stories sometime on the 23rd. I plan to do the next round on the 25th, and finale on the 27th, when the Low Quality Translations usually start spreading.)
Said it before and I'll say it again. If I get something wrong from any of these series, feel free to outright correct me. This is all writing prompts to me, and I am not used to writing with characters that aren't my own.
Round 7: Violet Evergarden vs Mars
Gonna be another hard one for me to write because of my lack of familiarity with the source material. A child raised for war faces off against the living representation of it.
Non-volund capabilities: Violet is noted be an exceptionally gifted soldier who, even as a child, was able to take the lives of dozens of men. Though she left that life behind her and lost both her arms, in a Ragnarok, the fighters would be in their primes, meaning the prosthetics wouldn't be a thing anymore.
Volund capabilities: Picking a volund for characters I know little about is tricky, especially when said character is from a series where fighting was never the main focus. Hjorprimul is the valkyrie Violet possesses. It means Sword Warrioress. This Volund will grant Violet the physical strength she needs to face her past problems, War itself.
Being a literal incarnation of war, Mars is a powerhouse to be feared. He despises cowards, and those who refuse the soldier lifestyle. Throughout the whole fight he will hate Violet for all the choices she made that took her away from being a soldier, taunting her with her past and emotions.
Capabilities: Toning down the creativity of the last two fights, Mars is pure strength. Unlike Aed or Cthulhu, he defeats things by powering through them and murdering them in cold blood. He doesn't believe in concepts like mercy or forgiveness. Think Poseidon mixed with the over-emotional attitude of Ares.

Round 8: Rengoku Kyoujurou vs Asag (Summerian)
Can't get more classic than this. Demon Slayer vs Demon!
Non-volund abilities: Rengoku is a master of the Breath of the Flame, and is noted as being a part of the greatest generation of Demon Slayers since the first. He is insanely talented, capable of fighting solo against a demon that others of equal rank, power or skill had to team up against. He learned the Breath of Fire through simple self-study rather than being tutored by another.
Volund abilities: Skalmold, meaning Sword Time. The volund possesses no unique attributes of note, aside from enhancing REngokus already superhuman strength and agility to make him capable of fighting demon like...
Though there may be some controversy over the Summerian Demon joining the list, Beezlebub was among the list of Ragnarok contenders, and he is also, not a god, but rather closer to a demon.
Capabilities: Asag is an incredibly powerful demon, described as being so ugly he can 'boil fish alive in the rivers'. In truth, he is a fire demon, who relies on a cursed Divine Sword to battle. Though his flames burn hot, they found an equal match in Rengoku! Skill or raw power? What comes out on top?

Alright, that does it for my writing for this time around. As always vote on who you think will win the next rounds, appreciate you guys for giving this more attention than I really ever thought it was going to get. Really excited for that new chapter so this is helping get my mind off the agonizing wait. 3 more posts and we are done with this whole thing! (Next fights, next fights, finale post)
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2020.03.06 23:59 sheilastretch Directory of Organizations to Volunteer with

Please feel free to suggest organizations or speak up if you feel any should be delisted! This is a work in progress, and feedback is appreciated :)
Asia Pacific
Congo Basin
Costa Rica
Eastern Himalayas
India : भारत
Japan : 日本
Latin America
New York
Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Updated: 14/Aug/2020
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2020.01.31 01:25 JesterVulpine I'm addicted to the feeling of a "fresh start"

Hello! I'm an 18-year old grade 11 student in the Philipines. I was an 11th-grade dropout 2 years ago — I'm not really sure — but I'm back at school now, still in grade 11 (but in another school). I have been in the self-help journey for 2-3 years now, I believe? Basically everything that you could mention of in the niche of self-help, I probably know: Fitness, motivational videos, self-help books, setting goals, journaling, etc.. I have read Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life, a year ago, and I have also delved into the thoughts of The Minimalists, The Art of Charm, Matt D'avella, The Ground Up Show, mindfulness, and all other fun stuff.

The thing that bothers me, though, is that I feel like I haven't really done anything meaningful in my life. Perhaps considering the fact that meaningful things should last.

Do you feel me? Alright, so before I elaborate, here's a little background about what I'm doing with my life:

So what is it that bothers you so much, then?

Right. Here's my problem. I think that I'm the type of person who would usually wish to see at least a palpable progress in my life — I presume that all people in the self-help journey are like that. This is where I smell something out of place: Despite looking at my former state (you know, I was diagnosed with mental health conditions, and all that), which was obviously worse than where I'm at right now, I still feel like I don't see any progress in my life. I feel like it's not enough — the whole self-help thing. I couldn't feel the worth of the tasks that I'm doing, like working on my school-related research project, finding ample time to rest, and the like.

Is this because I'm not actually finding any meaning in what I do?

But really, I'm trying to find joy in the things I once loved. Like arts — drawing, painting, making illustrations — you know, passion projects. I'm also trying my best to acquaint myself with the act of socializing (because I'm an extremely awkward person, and I mean that). What impedes me, I think, is my addiction to thinking that I'm actually starting something, instead of finishing something. It's quite antithetical to my predisposition towards witnessing some sort of progress in what I do, right? Because then, what does self-improvement mean, if it's just all about the start, and nothing about what really matters, like the results of my habits? This has been bothering me for a few months now, and I haven't really mustered up the courage to type about this until a while ago when I realized my partner's already making a huuuuge, huge progress on herself (I'm proud of her, really), while I'm here, being on the self-help domain for quite some time now, yet seeing no fundamental and/or large-scale change at all. I've devoured countless hours of Improvement Pill's videos, watched a lot of Thomas Frank, indulged in Jordan Peterson's crusade about responsibility (and read Maps of Meaning [I have about a few hundred pages left]), laughed at Captain Sinbad's self-help guru impressions, and put in mind each piece of Better Ideas' advice, yet I still feel like there's something missing.

I see a little progress, yes, and that's something. But what bothers me is that I think I'm not really doing my best at doing the things that actually matter so that I could see a larger degree of positive changes in my life.

So, Reddit, I wish you could provide me a piece of sound advice.
I wish you well! I'm grateful in advance for what you may have to say. 😊
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2019.04.11 17:06 mthlmw Has immigration been made *easier* for some under Trump?

I work IT for a medical company that's been pretty consistently understaffed. Recently, my boss brought up that the company is partnering with nursing schools in the Philipines to get nurses green cards to work here, and that it's only possible because the process is so much easier now. In his words: "Say what you want about Trump, but getting nurses in the country only takes a few months now vs. years under Bush and Obama." Based on everything in the news about Trump, I don't see how this is possible. Anyone aware of how this worked out?
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2018.10.23 07:57 Amorenkaire Divided States: Personal Feedback and Suggestions From a New Player to Kaiserreich

I'll preface this that I jumped into Kaiserreich the day before 0.8 released, after starting a game with my partner who is a much bigger fan of the mod than I was. My initial impression of the USA in the mod was rather... luke warm. So it was exciting to hear that a USA rework was coming, and quite surprising when I booted up a new game to get some practice in the 2ACW (after failing my first) to get some practice in, to find the new patch dropped. That being said... I think Divided States has left me more dissatisfied with the direction of the USA's focus tree than the 7.2 version, but at least the second civil war has been improved. So that's nice.
Rather than just leaving a generic statement though, I thought I'd try to go into detail about what my complaints are (not counting what is likely broken events, bugs, or other such things. For example, I presume Alaska, Hawaii, and the AUS territory is meant to become cores again by the democratic USA after it wins the civil war, so won't mention that here). Instead I want to focus more on the design decisions, and issues I have with it.
1: The Post-Civil War reconstruction trees are a giant black hole of political power.To be frank, while there are certainly some fun focuses that are meaningful in the democratic reconstruction paths, about half are purely about reducing the penalty given from the post civil war penalties. While mechanically it could be quite worthwhile, from a player perspective it didn't feel rewarding to chip away at the penalty for a full year, just so I can have the war support to decide my foreign policy. Essentially the reconstruction period just seems to serve to lengthen the time period the USA is isolated from world events as they turn inwards.
I suggest that the foreign policy trees (the Strengthen or Reform the Monroe Doctrine) be redesigned and placed to lead OUT from the reconstruction events for a civil war USA. You'd imagine that the Dominion of Canada, wishing to garner any support they could for their liberation of Britain, might offer help to the recovering United States in exchange for it joining the Entante, for example (likely at the expense of stability as the populace is not willing to pledge itself to another war after recovering, but gaining significant support in the reconstruction period). On the flip side, the USA turning its attention to exploiting central and south America, dragging Liberia and the Philipines back into its sphere of influence (with focuses involving economic development in those two countries after being returned as puppets), would make for a fulfilling alternative as well.Tl;dr: The reconstruction period of the USA should be tied into it re-establishing its footing on the world stage, and decide how the nation progresses in foreign matters based upon which decisions, and which treaties, it signs with foreign powers to speed its recovery.
2: The Air Force and Navy focus trees are bland and rather uninteresting.Even with what I suspect is a bug that allows these trees to be picked before the Civil War, I don't think investing in them before the civil war fires is worth it (especially because the USA still needs to eat its way out of a massive 300 political power debt which further serves to keep the player doing not much of anything besides preparing their army for the civil war for the first year of game play, yay). And after the civil war, I wouldn't give them a second thought compared to the army tree, or the reconstruction/foreign policy trees. The trees are loaded to the brim with doctrine discounts and not much else. Worse, the USA has no focus to reduce the development time of carriers, but hey, you get a 50% reduction on the 90 time it takes to make a naval variant where as if you went battleships you get the remaining two fast battleship researches discounted... yay.
I suggest that the air and navy trees be pretty much reworked from the ground up. The naval tree is more serviceable (an emphasis on carriers would likely be placed upon the right side of the tree, replace naval aviation with a 2x 50% discount on Heavy Carrier research (and for that matter, give the USA the Early Heavy Carrier research as well, but that's a matter I'll talk about in point 3). The Air Force could use a bit more overhaul however. In particular emphasis should be placed upon the infrastructure and resources to produce aircraft (i.e., synthetic rubber facilities). A line in the focus which adds building slots and synthetic rubber facilities to Kentucky for example would be fitting and flavorful, for example. It might also be interesting to have a branching decision on if your air force should prioritize land force projection or naval projection, either with branching decisions, or adding a third option to the CAS/Air Supremacy tree (and, as a small added thing, could Bomber Development be changed or another focus added to get a discount for CAS research as well?).
3: The American spirit of innovation is dead, apparently.One of the things that I actually rather like about the USA in vanilla Hearts of Iron 4 is how they captured the United States as a technological juggernaut of the world; from the Manhattan Project tree, to be one of the few (non-minor tree cheese) nations to get a sixth research slot (in the latter half of the game, when the USA in history was making significant technological strides in different fields), to the decisions that allowed to give sanctuary to German and Italian scientists, and so on. Yet most of that spirit is absent from Kaiserreich's United States. Save for an adviser which has 3% research speed decrease, compared to the 2% of others, the USA is equivalent/slightly behind the other majors research wise (except for one noticeable exception. *AhemUnionOfBritainBullAhem*). The only foci I've found so far that has an emphasis on bleeding edge technological innovation is the R.A.D.A.R., and the 'Walkie-Talkie' focus. I understand that Kaiserreich's timeline doesn't have as much of an emphasis on the technological arm race of the WW2 era, but this still seems rather lacking (especially compared to Canada, which has every advantage towards researching and deploying nuclear weapons in its focus, as well as seemingly being this timeline's inventor of the Enigma Machine, and RADAR, and rocketry... This is on top of the Union of Britain, which as described as having an army more akin to a worker's militia rather than an organized force at the start of the game, also having an edge in Carrier design (and a 2x 50% reduction to get the remaining two heavy carriers...). This is by far my biggest complaint while playing the USA in Kaiserreich, both before and after 0.8. Half to a third of the appeal and attraction to the United States is practically missing, at least for me. The Domacles Project is this world's equivalent of what sparked the USA's research into nuclear technology, but its completely missing. Furthermore, assuming that a Federal USA is victorious, it makes it the only major western democracy to have survived the syndacalist revolution, a fact that should allow it to advertise itself as a bastion to the intellectuals of the world that might be fleeing such systems, or lose hope that their governments will ever liberate their home land.
My suggestion would be to put more of an emphasis on the technological innovation of the era within the United States' people and territory. More focus on the revolution of air craft carriers and designs for them them rather than a few sentences about needing appropriate aircraft. Taking some of the doctrine reductions wouldn't likely be missed (at least flavor-wise), and instead giving the USA discounts to the later heavy carrier research (at least in one or two focuses) would also go far. I'd suggest an expansion to the air force tree that requires the RADAR and Anti-Aircraft focuses and leads to the development of the proximity fuze. A set of decisions that serve as an allegory to the refuge for x scientists would also go a long way, and could tie into the USA's foreign policy (a 'Brain Drain' opinion modifier if you start trying to poach Canadian, French, or German scientists, for example). And of course give the United State's the ability to gain a sixth research slot in the later half of the game, ESPECIALLY if the Union of Britain retains the ability to keep such.
4: Press f to pay mercy or malice. Part of the issue with the post-civil war period, I think, is that there isn't much interaction with how you deal with the other side after the war. The most complex is the traitor company decisions (which don't seem to work right now, because you seem to keep the companies even after the war fires, or so it seems). Malice or Mercy just gives generic benefits varying with what you pick, although I suspect that it might be intended to let leaders such as Patton return, it doesn't seem to work at the moment. The same goes for the electoral college reform focus, or the union focus. It boils down to one decisions which doesn't seem to lead or go anywhere, just pick from two point piles.
I think there should be more nuance and different, potentially potent, outcomes from these important decisions. The Canadian C-7 bill has such an event chain, and is just a sweeping legislation initiative, not trials for wide swathes of traitorous populations. When dealing with the traitorous companies, depending on how many you dissolved or kept should lead to a different bonus so that even if you're not interested in the other companies you haven't already picked, your economy will reflect the diversified post war reconstruction period (bonuses to infrastructure and civilian economy bonuses, research time), where as a small cabal of loyal companies that have fed upon the dissolved remains of traitor companies will give a bonus geared towards production output, factory conversion cost, resource production, etc. The Mercy or Malice focus should be an event line much like the traitorous companies, dealing with each class or group of people. Do you try enemy generals as traitors, dismiss them from military service, or allow them to serve still now that the dirty business is done? Do the syndacalist politicians that lead the unions be tried as malevolent actors or as foreign agents committing sedition against the nation? Each should leave an impression upon how the post-war USA moves on, even if its only in the popularity of ideaologies.
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2018.09.04 01:55 Ownsin Anyone here annoyed with the casting for some of the characters on the show?

Hey, I enjoyed The Man in the High Castle and I just finished the second season, but I noticed most of the actors they hired for the Japanese characters aren't Japanese. Their Japanese is atrocious. Especially Inspector Kido his Japanese is so broken and at times cringe-worthy. He's not even a Japanese actor, he's from the Philipines. Inspector Kido's partner Yoshida is also a Chinese actor (notice he barely said any lines in Japanese). Same goes for the Japanese general who is also Chinese and his Japanese was quite awful as well.
My other issue is with some of the German characters. Most of the German I heard was also quite bad. Most of the actors they hired for the German characters are British. Most of them didn't speak proper German.
I'm just bewildered at why they didn't hire Japanese and German actors for these roles and went with Chinese actors for the Japanese characters and mostly British actors for the German characters. The only legit Japanese characters that I enjoyed and spoke perfect Japanese were the Trade Minister and his wife because they are both actually Japanese and the Yakuza boss, but outside of these 3 nothing remotely compares. They literally just casted someone that looked Asian for the role and that's it. Even the regular Japanese soldiers had terrible Japanese when they shouted commands.
Overall, I'm just annoyed they didn't bother proper Japanese and German actors for these roles. It probably also hurts that I speak both Japanese and German fluently so I can easily recognize how bad they are.
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2018.09.03 20:33 DoubleEko Mitsubishi Financial group explaining how Ripple are saving them time and money in moving funds between 50 branches around the world

Original video tweet credit to Steven [email protected] Twitter
This linked video explaining more giving some hints on two new banks in Indonesia and philipines who may be Ripplenet partners :o)
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2018.09.02 08:31 EncomCyberSecurity About to insurance payout- What do I do?

Help! I'm 32. Got around 10k Debt on a line of credit with very low interest. I have a regular visa card, don't know much about points or what any of that really is.
Due to an automobile accident I was off work for a few years but now I'm back full time making around 60k a year, maybe 65k if you factor in overtime.
My partner is a nurse, however she needs to go back to university potentially, due to her schooling originally being in The Philipines.
Currently living in Vancouver and paying $1560 a month plus bills and transit..lets call that $1800 No cars.
Well my day of justice has come and I will be awarded somewhere around $200k from the accident. I am looking at houses in the east coast where I can transfer my job, and leave Vancouver for good.
Anyways there is my back story. What should I do? Use most of that $ on a downpayment? Or make the minimum downpayment and use the rest elsewhere? I'm very lost but my current plan is to invest it into a house and get the home paid off as quick as possible.
Help me Financial Guros!!!!!
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2018.08.17 12:14 shenali Commercialization Partner

Commercialization Partner
We will leverage on our existing commercial partnership with local players. The team has also established key partnership with leading blockchain firms such as Kenetic ( and Digix to develop a better decentralized blockchain product for the community. We are also in the process of creating our decentralized marketplace with Origins protocol as well as working closely with Media Protocol to track and reward content sharing. SWIPE Network has several data monetization partners already onboard and will leverage on our existing product (Cepatswipe- Indonesia, Agila Rewards- Philipines and Blockpost- International) to start generating data to be monetized to these businesses.
• Fysical is the world’s first code-complete, fully-functional, decentralized location data market and is SWIPE Network’s location data monetization partner.
• AdEx is a blockchain-based ad exchange aiming at disrupting the existing online advertising landscape and address its significant problems such as advertising fraud, privacy and consent. In this partnership, AdEx will supply ad slots to SWIPE network apps, generating revenue.
Building a strong community of app developers within the SWIPE Network is critical in driving the success of the network. Besides the company existing app portfolio (cepatswipe, Agila Rewards, Brown & Proud, and Blockpost), we have on-boarded other early adopters and app developers who are willing to participate in our solution.
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2018.03.21 03:57 kemdog_millionaire How to claim Philipines citizenship?

My partner was born in the U.S. to a Philipina mother with a green card. It seems as if she should be able to claim Philipines citisenship. Has anyone done this? Any tips? Also it seems as if neither the U.S. or the Philipines recognize dual citizenship. If I understand correctly a person could still have citizenship to two countries, but they just wouldn't recognize each other. Correct?
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2017.02.24 14:35 EmThrowAway563 23m Extreme fear of STD after incident

Hello. I am german and pretty good vaccinated against Hepatitis A and B There was a girl I met on Tinder which lives in a very exclusive place in the philipines. She is a part time model and did not seem to be a whore. She told me she had one boyfriend before, doesnt hook up normally. Apparently I found out that she is a model for pornographic pictures... I bought condoms but she was so fast and just sticked my penis in. She came several times before I did (I might have some problems ejaculating which makes me last longer than my stamina) I did came in her butthole I think, but due to my poor eyesight I couldn't clearly differ from vagina or butt in that position.. I heard that every other person is infected here. She wasnt a whore I have all my money. We even went to a restaurant and ate, she also said if she was a whore her vagina would be wider and its true, her vagina really was tight and felt unused. I am sweating alot still, because after the intercourse relatives told me the place was known for being a brothel. When I arrives at her place though. There were families living there I think. I am full of fear and I still have days left here and cannot test if I have gotten something. She ws about the same age as me. Please help I am sweating and fearing. She took my virginity. I am scared to death. I texted her about my fear right now she says that she might do pornographicpictures but she only had me and his ex as sex partners. (I can almost believe her due to her still very tight vagina, but I am still inescure.) I want to start crying cause I usually take really good care about my health.. Shit I also sucked on her pussy for very long... . . Please I need any advice.
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2017.02.02 18:21 KeeganTroye [Diplomacy]The China Splash

With the economic recession hitting our long time partner and BRICS ally China, South Africa like many nations reliant on China for both imports and exports will need to make a plan to secure or economy which is already in a state of flux.
Primarily we would like to redouble our previous efforts at diversifying our trade with foreign nations to help us as a vulnerable nation to not suffer from the economic effects that globalism can create.
To do so we will once again send trade delegates ( this time publicly to select nations to establish trade deals that will allow us to attempt to slowly fill in the deficit of trade from China.
These nations are:
Russia, A long time ally and friend of our current party the ANC we established improved trade with Putin during our previous trade diversification and with their recent attempts at having their sanctions lifted we expect strong economic growth and believe it would be in both of our interests to increase trade ties.
Brazil, a strong ally and another member of BRICS, Brazil has suffered severely from the Chinese recession and we believe creating freer trade between our nations can only have a positive effect for us both.
India, the final member of BRICS and one of the strongest economic powers in Asia, India has always been a friend and with their fast growing economy and large population demand can only grow.
Philipines, the Philipines recently put sanctions on us due to our occupying of the Penguin Islands. South Africa finds their reasoning something to be respected and if Philipines is willing to cooperate on trade South Africa would like to invite them to put together a committee to provide ecological oversight to the South African Navy and to assist with maintaining the disputed coastal waters.
Thailand, South Africa would offer a similar deal to Thailand allowing them to be apart of the ecological oversight. In our previous negotiations we forged new trade in the attempt at seperating ourselves from the west and found ourselves friends with similar goals we would like to continue to work toward improving trade between us.
South Africa would also like to push for the ratification of the long delayed Tripartite Free Trade Area among member parliaments. This deal could provide one of the biggest steps forward for African trade and has been put on hold due to negotiations since it was signed in Egypt in 2015. South Africa hopes that when all the member states ratify this agreement negotiations can be made towards the proposed African Continental Free Trade Area.
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2012.04.15 19:14 minos16 What the **** is my job title in this industry?

So basically after a few years teaching in Korea; I ended up working for a biggest export/import company of used clothing in the country. I sold shipping containers to other countries as a middle man and setup the company entire online interface. I made the company alot of money.
Now in the Philipines investing and running the warehouse and handling sales along with all sorts of random tasks(trade related, logistics, meeting government officials) for said company as a partner.
Basically, I'm like the ferengi in star trek or those old school merchants in history books whining about shipments of grain being late due storms.
Oddly, we never clarified my job title....I'm kinda of a Jack of all trades: The owner says I'm technically a sales agent...but also a General manger or partner.
His English sucks and the company is pretty loose in terms of orgnization and paperwork(ie: almost none...infact, I made most of it including the letter head and logo)...that's Asia for ya. My visa was owned by another company so I was never actually legally registered to work there due to local laws.
Since he inherited the business from a rich daddy; he didn't need regular employees to run it(it runs a perpetual motion machine of money). So I don't have anybody to compare myself to inside.
I'm thinking of going back to the states or another country(middle east would be nice!) to work in export/import as a trader, logistics, or trade official.
I need a job title.....the boss says he'll sign off on whatever it is.
EDIT: career guides don't help....sales is the closet aproximation but that's quite vague and an understatement.
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2012.03.10 05:52 YoonAa I believe my dad is going to ruin his life. Any advice please?

Hi Reddit. Long time lurker here. I would like to apologize for my grammar and spelling beforehand.
A little history. My parents never got along. They were only together for a year before getting married. Both are 46 and were married to each other for 21 years. My dad made a promise to stick with my mom until my sister turned 18. The divorce was finalized in December of last year, and my dad buys a new house with his uncle and his family. In the beginning of 2011, while my parents were still living together, he started going on dating sites. He meets several people from the Philippines on the website. I knew he was talking to people on there, but I never thought much of it. One week after the divorce, my dad said he was going to the Philippines to meet a friend. Fast forward. My mom wanted to talk to me. She started telling me that my dad has several "girlfriends" from the Philipines who he met on line. Of course, I already knew of this, but did not want to say anything. My sister comes in and said my dad told her during the summer. My mom tells me that the reason why he was coughing ever since he came back was because he contracted an STD. Fortunately, he was able to treat it. The doctor asked him to ask his partners for their medical history and find out which one of the girls he contracted it from. He finds the one who STILL has it and her reason? "Oh, I forgot to keep up with the medication." This girl, who is 20, said she got it from her BOYFRIEND, who is in the ARMY. Now, I don't fully trust this, and my dad only knew about this AFTER the check up. But he still claims to "love" her... love her so much that he wants to get married and sponser her! My mom explained about her and my dad's talk last week. He claims that his life was "dead" when he was still with my mom, and that this girl is much different- that she understands him. By the way, I just found out her name is Mary-Jane. Shady much? I also found out that one of the other girl, "Jennifer", who he was suppose to meet while at the Philippines, was a scam. As she kept asking for money, he kept sending. On the day he came back, I remember him saying he paid for his friends plane ticket so they can meet on one of the islands and get a tour of the area from someone who knows about the place. He said the total for his friend's trip was $6,000. My uncles, aunts, and grandparents from my dad's side knew about this since the beginning and despite all their warnings and efforts in trying to stop him, he still went. My sister went over for Thanksgiving and my aunt asked how she felt about it. Her response was that there was nothing she can do about it. This attitude is pretty much consistent for all of us. This is what I know so far. Again, my mom was the one who told me all of this, not my dad.
He called me on Wednesday, telling me he wants to have lunch with me and my sister. Honestly, I do not feel like going. The reason is we hardly express and discuss our emotions, relationships, and affections towards each other, so this will be definitely be a new experience because, like the rest of my family, I want to tell him how I really feel about it. I am just afraid I might handle the situation poorly. I really want him to see a therapist, but I feel like he is in denial. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
tl;dr Dad finds people from dating sites. Travels to the Philippines. Gets scammed $6000 from one person and gets an STD from another. He wants to marry the girl who gave him the STD, claiming that she loves him and he loves her. This same girl said she got the STD from her boyfriend, who are STILL together. My whole family is oppose to this.
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