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2013.12.09 19:48 PeonSanders Gom exPerience not the gom I know and love.

I watch a lot of Starcraft; whatever I have a chance to, really. I've been to the odd live event, a barcraft here and there, and occasionally I have enough time to devote part of a Sunday to a dreamhack or whatever else is on, but I'm not a student, and I'm busy. I neither have the time nor the inclination really to be able to watch events live at odd hours. The daily comfort food that sustains my starcraft appetite has always been gomtv vods. For me, what the other events bring in terms of personality, gom brings in refinement, consistency, and polish.
I've been on board since day one, and after a couple seasons it was an easy choice for the last couple years to get the yearly pass. Despite the fact that compared to some other subscriptions, they were expensive, they had so much value added, especially through their VODs. They didn't have the most slick system, but once you figured out how you were meant to navigate, even if you were quite far behind, you could catch up. It was reliable, cohesive and convenient. Moreover it was spoiler free. It was a system that had been improved incrementally until it did what it needed to do.
Last year the value of a yearly pass was diminished largely due to factors outside of Gom's control, due to the hastily cobbled together WCS, but I'm afraid that this year is the first time that the value of what Gom offers has decreased due to their own decision making. By partnering with twitch without seemingly requiring anything unique from twitch in terms of distribution, they have abandoning the best practices they have established with their own VOD system, and cast their lot in with the unwashed masses.
My experiences watching the Hot6ix cup, which otherwise was completely up to their usual standards, was, in short, an annoying mess. I was very busy working on a project, and the tournament was all over but the finals when I finally had some time to watch. This would have been no problem with the gomtv site, in fact I've done this several times, like marathon watching a show.
With twitch, however, it means bookmarking the past broadcast section, then scrolling down while trying to ignore all file name spoilers and thumbnail spoilers, clicking more, more, then, because the videos are in no real order, finding in page match1 set2 then match1 set3 and so on, in a futile attempt to avoid seeing any of the other file names. If a b05 was at 2-0 and my eyes saw the set 4 video next to it, that was the suspense ruined.
Then the VODs themselves. Everyone complains about live twitch, and for good reason, but their VOD delivery isn't much better. Gom even at supposed "EHQ" never had the most stunning picture, but I found their delivery in general to be quick in terms of load times, and decently reliable. Instead, with twitch at certain times I have to be down in the 480 slums to make the vod load quickly at all, and deal with sporadic long loading times and the buffering. On a couple occasions I actually gave up watching a game just to try again later.
If my experience with the Hot6ix cup is representative of how gom is delivered to me from now on then it's anything but the gom experience, it has been lazily packaged as, and it makes me very sad. Much has been made of how awful live twitch is, and it is, and it will hurt european viewership particularly, but there are also a great many VOD-only viewers like me.
I could maybe muster a soupcon of sympathy for the infrastructure problems involved in the bandwidth used by twitch, but a great many of the problems I've detailed are just poor organization on the part of their website and a lack of functionality to assist with cataloging past broadcasts. In a truly strategic partnership, gom would have demanded they at least begin to bring some of this stuff up to a suitable standard, and twitch would be wise to agree given it's a necessary improvement to their system across the board; something they ought be working on anyway. Instead we've got a great content producer essentially subcontracting out delivery to a company that really devalues their brand. Gom need to demand more, if they even can. This isn't a gom experience, it's a twitch one, with precisely the brand valuations those names conjure up.
TL;DR: Gom doesn't appear to have demanded any improvement from twitch but instead has used their distribution like a shit garage band a decade ago slapping up a myspace account, and now instead of a decent organized vod system with reasonably reliability we have a disorganized mess. As consumers we get a worse product for a similar cost.
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