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[fandom: overwatch] The bullseye zine: how one person stole $1,500 for an ita bag

2020.11.14 01:27 Plane-Slight [fandom: overwatch] The bullseye zine: how one person stole $1,500 for an ita bag

Hello again, everyone! I know I said in another comment my next post would be funnier than the Yuuri on ice toilet doujinshi, however this took priority because this story is truly wild. I will get back to that write up soon. (in case you're curious, here's a preview: Legend of Zelda fanfic and lucid dreaming). I hope you enjoy this bizarre drama from the overwatch fandom instead! Now, onto the post:
1: What is Overwatch?:
Overwatch is a first-person shooter released in 2016. The plot isn't that important to this story, since it's more about a non canon zine; all you need to know is that two characters, McCree and Hanzo, are shipped by a part of the fandom and are known as McHanzo.
What is a zine?:
Zines are self published magazines. Some zines are made by one person, however the one we're talking about today is a fanzine; when a group of fan artists / fanfic writers from one fandom come together and make a magazine. Zines can be about a character, a ship or just the piece of media in general. It's also common, though not necessary, for the zine creators to donate the money from pre orders to charities.
3: What are ita bags?:
An ita bag is a type of bag, usually a backpack, with a clear plastic window used by fans to cover with pins, plushies or patches of whatever they're a fan of. Like zines, ita bags can be for a certain character, ship or general piece of media. Depending on the bag and the size of the makers wallet, ita bags can range from some badges to a metric fuck ton of merchandise for their chosen fandom.
Part 1: The zine is created:
Before I talk about what happened with the zine itself, it's important to talk about one of the admins: Lynn / Ashlynn / latinxlance. Here are the important things to know about her: Lynn likes voltron, Lynn like Lance, and Lynn really likes ita bags. Lynn both established the zine, was in control of the finances, and chose the charities being donated to. In honour of the theme and the respective nationalities of the characters, the charities Stonewall Japan and the True colours fund, both LGBT charities from Japan and America were chosen. A discord was also made with Lynn, the other admin who went by ghost, and the various fan artists and fanfic writers involved invited in. While I can't find any specific dates for these events, all of this this happened in 2018/2019.
Part 2: mchanzonereceipts is made:
After a while of working out the zine, some of the discord members became... suspicious of Lynn. In particular, the way Lynn was handling the $1,500 raised for donations brought up some questions. The fact only Lynn was able to access the paypal account holding the money, Lynn having very flakey and vague responses to ghost asking why there was no zine-related receipts on the paypal account, and Lynn simply ghosting (no pun intended) them when asked very legitimate questions about the money. Lynn was also accused of not letting the other members help out with the layout, and not paying back a friend for an emergency commission. Other users who were in contact with Lynn stated that despite portraying herself as someone who was in desperate need of money for depth payments and giving her mother money, Lynn was making ita bags (which can cost a lot of money.) As aresult of this sometime around December / January of 2017 a tumblr named mchanzonereceipts was created, and a post alleging all of this was made. At this point in time Lynn mishandling funds was an allegation, and there was no concrete proof of Lynn using the money. The post received mixed reactions; some asked why only one person was put in charge of $1,500, others pointed out that these were just allegations for now and for all we know Lynn could redeem herself completely. Others outright lied about what happened, with one post stating Lynn was a 17 year old being harassed by "creepy mcreyes shippers" (Lynn was 20 at the youngest when this drama happened btw). However, a short time after this post the allegations made against Lynn were proven to be true.
Part 3: The ita bag:
Shortly after this entire mess with mchanzonereceipts, Lynn made a facebook post to a group named "itabag / fandom fashion general". In it Lynn boasts her new Lance ita bag, and claims in the comments that said bag cost $400-500. She also commented about making plans to start 3 other voltron ita bags (the bags themselves are linked in an earlier part of this post). But how could someone, especially someone who needed an emergency commission and is supposedly paying back dept be able to afford 4 $400-500 worth of merchandise? And where did the $1,500 go?
Part 4: Lynn is exposed:
After this multiple fandom drama blogs, such as huntypastellance, made posts summarising the drama. At this point the damage was done; Lynn had no chance of redeeming herself from embezzling money intended for 2 LGBT charities for merchandise (I also saw posts from people who knew Lynn saying she used the money for blizzcon and Disneyland trips, though there aren't any posts with exact evidence as there was for the ita bags.) This incident became rather infamous in both the voltron and the overwatch fandom for a time, and after this very little if any news was heard about the zine. Since people could not be refunded for obvious reasons, Lynn dropped off the internet; her tumblr, discord and twitter accounts were all deleted in the aftermath. Eventually the zine was published and sent to a few people (from what I can tell most of the people who pre pre ordered did not receive a copy); however, posts such as this express disappointment with the final product, with the general consensus being that while the creators involved were clearly talented the zine itself was in pretty poor quality. There was an update with regards to the zine as several creators involved decided to try suing Lynn in the small claims court, however there has been no recent updates about this and I don't believe this has happened as of 2020. I also couldn't find any recent social media activity from Lynn, so I'm guessing she's been laying low ever since for fairly obvious reasons.
And that, so far, is what happened with the bullseye mchanzo zine! I do hope an update is posted in the future about Lynn being sued, however it unfortunately doesn't seem likely. Until then take care, and if you are planning on making ita bags please do so through legal means, for your sanity and others around you.
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2020.11.12 20:55 disat0r looking for a fic!

wondering is anyone can help me find a voltron fanfic series on AO3 that's basically rewrite of the whole show but adam survives and joins them. one of the titles was 'if lost return to adam waekder (something like that)'. thanks!
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2020.11.10 14:33 BlueBerrySPLAT17 writing a Voltron fanfic in a series i'm making.

as the title says, i'm writing a fanfic. and in it i want to know what y'all would like to see in it. (btw, Adam is alive in this. so yay) it would mean a lot, i'm going to re-watch the series on Netflix for a recap too. thank you for your time.
here is the Fanfic if you want to check it out >>https://www.wattpad.com/story/247275763-voltron-the-legend-begins-galacticwar-1-for-now

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2020.11.08 21:22 Plane-Slight [fandom: Voltron] Keithkog, aka the babysitter anti

Hello again! Since my Dirty Laundry post did pretty well (Thank you so much for all the lovely comments btw! you guys are great) and I don't have anything better to do, here's another voltron drama post. This time we'll be talking about keithkog, a twitter user who became infamous in the voltron fandom with both anti and pro shippers alike. Before this post starts I will say there are some tws here for mentions of paedophilia, sexual assault, abuse and rape. It isn't graphic but please proceed with caution if those topics upset or trigger you in any way. Anyway, onto the drama!

1: What is Voltron?:
Voltron: Legendary Defender, or vld for short, is an animated series created by dreamworks and broadcast on the streaming service netflix. It's a remake of the 1981 mecha anime Golion, and follows 5 paladins from earth who are sent to space to fight an evil alien overlord who plans on taking over the entire galaxy. The paladins consist of Pidge, Shiro, Keith, Hunk and Lance.
2: What is klance?
Klance is the extremely popular ship of Keith and Lance. It became particularly popular on social media websites such as twitter and tumblr, and next to sheith is the most popular ship from the show.

3: What is sheith?:

As mentioned above, sheith is another very popular ship from voltron. The ship consists of keith and shiro, and became controversial within the fandom fairly quickly due to the age gap between the characters (keith is 19 and Shiro is 25 in season 1). Later seasons confirming both of them knew each other when Keith was underage, as well as an episode where Keith refers to Shiro as being like a brother to him, further added to the drama surrounding the ship.

4: What are anti / pro shippers?:

Anti shippers and pro shippers are sub groups within fandoms. Anti shippers generally believe that fiction has a major effect on reality, and because of this fanart / fanfic containing dark subjects such as rape, paedophilia, and torture are inappropriate and should not be expressed. Original works such as the horror manhwa "Killing Stalking" are also subject to backlash from antis. Pro shippers, on the other hand, usually believe that fiction does not effect reality, or if it does it isn't to the point that fanfic about dark subjects shouldn't be made. Both of these groups are constantly starting infights and debates, and as someone who's been on both sides I can confirm both are shitshows. However, anti shippers flocked to the VLD fandom, and that's where our drama today stems from.

Part 1: The babysitter:

On the 17th of November 2017, a twitter user going by keithkog made a tweet about the children they were babysitting. The tweet starts off with " IM FORCING THE KIDS IM BABYSITTING TO WATCH VOLTRON AGAIN AND THEYRE LIKE NOOOOOOO " and turns into a thread as the OP posts updates. these updates include the children saying voltron is confusing, the OP telling them that Keith and Lance are "basically dating" (this is not true by the way) and, most infamously, the OP claiming one of the children ships klance and called sheith sexual assault. Videos and pictures of the children were also included in the thread.

Part 2: OP what the fuck:

These tweets became pretty infamous within the fandom fairly quickly, for obvious reasons. This tweet calling the OP out was made a few days later, with the children's faces censored. The responses included people questioning why a child would say what's portrayed as a loving friendship on the show is sexual assault, how a 9 year old would know what sexual assault is, and concern about the OP posting pictures and videos of children without the parents consent. More than a few people called it fake, with one user in the link above referring to it as an "anti fanfic". After all this backlash and some callouts on twitter, keithkog made a response.

Part 3: the response:

Before I start this part I will say that keithkog not only made a response on tiwtter, but they and their friends responded to pro shippers on tumblr. Because of this I don't have all the responses, but these are the main ones. Firstly a tweet was made stating that the OP had no idea the child would say sheith is sexual assault, and that a 9 year old has more morals than a twitter user on the basis of fictional ships. Then huntypastellance, a voltron blog which archives much of the bullshit going on in the fandom, began receiving messages from keithkog. First there was this anon where keithkog apologised for posting videos of the child, referred to sheith as statutory rape, and admitted to forcing the children to watch voltron more than once but they enjoyed it in the end. They also stated the children were "mature for their age", which received a lot of backlash. Questions of why the Op didn't tell the parents immediately that one of their prepubescent children was openly discussing sexual assault were also raised. Another comment here which received major backlash was keithkog accusing hunty of being "worse than their abuser".

Hunty then received another message, this time from a friend of keithkogs, who claimed anyone who shared pictures of the children who are 18+ are podophiles (the irony seems to be lost on them that keithkog would also be a pedophile for posting the pictures in the first place). This led to yet more backlash.

Part 4: keithkog finally apologises:

On November 24rth 2017, Keithkog posted an apology to twitter. In the apology they admit to using children further their "ship agenda", again stated they never talked to any of the children about sexual assault, and that it was actually the child who wanted to be filmed. It should be noted here that keithkog did not apologise for calling huntypastellance worse than their abuser, or for their friend calling hunty a pedophile for sharing the tweets. However, they did apologise in the end and admit that the original thread was a bad idea, and they did delete it. It's not like they'd do this again, right?

Part 5: They do this again:

Okay, so before this part starts I will say I don't have much evidence for this one. If I have gotten this wrong please let me know, I will edit the post as soon as I can and I do apologise deeply if this isn't true. However, I do have reason to believe this is the same person as keithkog. On April 19th 2018, a twitter user going by allurans tweeted a picture of two boys from their high school during a volleyball game. In the tweet they refer to one of the boys as keith's "whitesona", and caption one picture as "get married already". I have reason to believe allurans and keithkog are the same person, though most of my evidence comes from this carrd where the OP states they've used the urls keithkog and allurans previously. The Op of the carrd describes themselves as a klance stan and an anti, which keithkog was. The carrd is also linked in the twitter bio of allurans. This is pretty flimsy evidence, but this is also all I could find on what happened to keithkog after the babysitter tweet. I'd like to think they learned their lesson and stopped filming people without their consent, but you never know.

Anyway, that's the infamous story of the voltron babysitter anti! I hope you enjoyed and big shout out to tumblr user huntypastellance for providing all the screenshots for this post. Take care and please don't get children involved in your space mecha ship discourse.
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2020.11.08 13:22 Plane-Slight [Voltron] Dirty Laundry: Voltrons most controversial fancfic

Hi, everyone! Firstly this is my first post on hobbydrama, so feel free to correct me if I get anything wrong here. Secondly this story primarily focuses allegations of racism, particularly against Mexican Americans, and I am very white and European. So again, please correct me if anything on here is incorrect. Anyway without further ado, let's get on to the shitshow:
1: What is voltron?:
Voltron: Legendary Defender, or vld for short, is an animated series created by dreamworks and broadcast on the streaming service netflix. It's a remake of the 1981 mecha anime Golion, and follows 5 paladins from earth who are sent to space to fight an evil alien overlord who plans on taking over the entire galaxy. The paladins consist of Pidge, Shiro, Keith, Hunk and Lance.
2: What is klance?
Klance is the extremely popular ship of Keith and Lance. It became particularly popular on social media websites such as twitter and tumblr, and next to sheith is the most popular ship from the show.
2: What is dirty laundry?
Dirty laundry is a klance fanfic, posted first on archive of our own by a user named Gibslythe on July 11th 2016. The plot is as follows: Lance, who is visiting his family for the holidays, asks Keith to come along and pretend to be his boyfriend in exchange for washing his laundry for free. Angst and gayness ensues. The original fanfiction has been deleted from Archive of Our own, but you can find it on wattpad here.
Wait, why was it deleted? What happened?
Well, here's where things get dramatic.
Part 1: The rise to fame:
Honestly it's hard to describe just how insanely popular Dirty Laundry was in the voltron fandom without being there, but this fanfiction was everywhere. It went from being a fairly popular klance fic to being the fifth most kudoed fic on ao3 of all time. After Gasolina, a 2010 reggaeton song was referenced in the fic, the comments section was filled with klance fans. This video contains some examples in the comments below. Fandometrics, a fairly popular tumblr blog which chronicles the most popular fandoms / ships of the time, made this post on July 27th, 2016 referencing the voltron fandom "airing dirty laundry". Sanchez became a popular headcanon for lance's last name after the fanfic (note: this was before Lance was officialy confirmed by the voltron crew to be Cuban). Other headcanons from the fic, such as Lance being Mexican American and having a large family were already around, but they really blew up after Dirty Laundry. "Abuelita is coming" became a popular in joke amongst Dirty Laundry fans, as a reference to the fic. So yeah, Dirty Laundry was insanely popular. The author was getting kudos and praise, fanart was abound, and DL fans were eagerly awaiting the lastest updates. What could possibly go wrong?
Part 2: Things go wrong:
After a short time of being an untouchable masterpiece, some voltron fans began to.. question the fanfic. In particular, its portrayal of Lance's Mexican American family. Here are just some of the issues parts of the fandom, especially Latino fans, had:
It's hard to find these posts now as many of them have been deleted, however tumblr user huntypastellance has a post here which sums up the drama. There were also allegations that some of the people calling the fanfic racist were white themselves, but as I can't find evidence either way I can neither confirm nor deny this. This drama lead to the author herself making a tumblr post, which you can find here. The TLDR version is the author apologised for any offensive portrayals of Mexican Americans in the fic, and was willing to listen to any Latino person who was offended or wanted to help her in writing it. This received mixed reactions from the fandom, but overall things seemed back on track. The author admitted she fucked up and wanted to learn, what more could one ask for? What else could possibly go wrong?
Part 3: Mama Mia, here we go again:
So aside from the racism allegations, the fic seemed mostly drama free. And in spite of the controversy, the fic was still very popular and receiving kudos, fanart and bookmarks galore.
Then Alexi was introduced.
Alexi is a a family member of Lance's who is introduced in chapter 4 of dirty laundry. In chapter five, Alexia is confirmed as having autism and sensory issues, such as food textures, which is common in people with autism.
All hell broke lose.
Now allegations of ableism for a stereotypical portrayal of autism AND racism were being launched at the author. Eventually Gibslythe made another post addressing the drama, which again you can find here. One bombshell from this post includes the author stating she will not be updating the fanfiction regularly (previously updates were posted weekly), and would instead just post one big update and be done with the fanfic. Again this received mixed reactions, although even people who didn't like the fanfic began standing up for the author as she began receiving harassment for the writing. However, the damage was done; Dirty Laundry and its author was receiving hate and critsism, and even people who originally like the fanfic began to stray away. And this is where we come to the grand finale.
Part 4: Yes I've been broken hearted, blue since the day we parted:
So, you're probably wondering now why I can't link the original ao3 link to Dirty Laundry. Well here we are, at last! While I can't find the spefic date, in 2018 many dirty laundry fans went to the fic as usual, whether that was to check for updates or to look back for old times sake.
However, the fanfic was gone.
And it was replaced with the bee movie script.
Naturally there was uproar, questions and sadness from fans. What made the author delete the fic? Was it the harassment? (the answer is yes). Gibslythe later explained it on twitter, however the link isn't working for some reason: basically some kind of glitch on ao3 marked the fic as orphaned and it couldn't be deleted. This was later fixed, and in 2018 the fic was gone.
So, that was dirty laundry. It was a cute little Voltron fic that had a surprising meteoric rise to fame, before crashing down and becoming a meme for the author's reaction to the hate. Again if you want to read it's linked at the top, and I will end this with the quote from the authors note after the bee movie script was uploaded: " To bee free is to cast away the shackles that hold you down "
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2020.11.07 18:44 IntrinsicCarp [Supernatural] How Destiel Made Everyone On Tumblr and Twitter Regress 6 Years and Go Fucking Bonkers

Supernatural is a CW show about two brothers, Dean and Sam, running around fighting monsters and having a lot of angst and drama with each other. It was goofy some episodes, serious in others, and tried to tackle complicated issues within the episodes. It also featured two conventionally attractive white guys. So you can see why it got popular pretty fast.
It got especially popular on Tumblr, which was the hotbed of all fandom discourse for the longest time on the internet. It was so popular on there, that it became one of the Big Three: Supernatural, Dr. Who, and Sherlock. It was one of the biggest shows on the entire internet, and it was very popular with teenage girls.
The Rise of Destiel
When it first came out, the shipping community of tumblr, a.k.a all of Tumblr, was kind of a mess, because there weren't many non-heterosexual ship options for them, as that's what Tumblr prefers over anything else. So the shippers made one of the first popular incest ships on the internet, Wincest, out of pure desperation. And if you weren't into Wincest, then you just didn't get a lot of room in that part of the fandom.
See Wincest in it's earliest forms on Fanfiction.net Wincest was in the many of the first fics in the Supernatural tag on Ao3
Wincest was so big it was even referenced in the show, when Dean and Sam visit a Supernatural(the in-universe book series about their lives written by a man with prophetic visions) Convention and meet two gay lovers who cosplayed as them.
Wincest was undethronable, until it was dethroned. When Season 4 premiered we were introduced to a new conventionally attractive white boy, Castiel. You see, Castiel was an angel who raised Dean from hell, making them basically soul-bonded forever. Even from the very beginning, he went on about how he and Dean has a special connection, and it really helped that Dean was way more popular than Sam on the show, despite Sam starting out as the main character.
You can see the progression, Wincest was dead, long live Destiel. The fics flooded Ao3, which was now the dominant fanfic site, and each new one spawned ten more based on it. The fandom blazed past everything else, with the most popular fic Twist and Shout reaching over 34,000 total kudos and 1,187,975 hits.
The popularity of the Ship boosted the show into the stratosphere on Tumblr, who finally had their gay ship to drool over. Destiel became fandom canon. One example of the many multi-gif posts made to glorify it
The show was peaking. Many girls I knew in middle school were obsessed, with the show and the pairing. Also me, I was also completely obsessed. I was very much in love.
The GayBaiting and The Fall
A lot of this section is directly ripped from this 2014 article, so please give it a read for more context.
The showrunners noticed, how could they not? They also noticed if they played upon the idea that Dean could be a lil' gay, let the show reference Castiel being so in love with him, and use a lot of romcom tropes, and maybe TELL THE ACTOR FOR CASTIEL (MISHA COLLINS) TO PLAY CAS LIKE A "JILTED LOVER" WITH DEAN, then they could drive the fandom into a frothing mess.
Queerbaiting was born on the back of this show. Queerbaiting refers to when a show teases a gay relationship for clout but never confirms it so they can have deniability. Supernatural proves that if you want a show to be popular, going to the gays never fails. Again, and Again, and AGAIN, the show teased the atmosphere between them. Just go back to the manips post and feel it.
But as time went on, and the show continued, and nothing changed or got confirmed, people on tumblr started losing interest. Newer shows to queerbait with came out, real homosexual relationships started to happen. Voltron. The shows fandom started to repress their Supernatural days and move on, especially as supernatural started entering it's 12th season. A new era had begun...
... .......
Season 15, episode 18
Season 15 was the last season of Supernatural ever, everyone looked upon this with relief, glad it was finally ending and the cast could move on. I actually started to pay attention to Supernatural in this season, out of pure interest for where it would go. The fandom made jokes about how funny it would be if they actually confirmed Destiel this season. Believe it or not, I actually thought it would happen because of Supernatural reaching the era of the Gays, 2020.
And then, episode 18 aired on the 5th of November. And then, Castiel started giving a speech about Dean, while looking directly into his eyes, and then he says, I Love You.
And then he gets dragged down to super mega ultra hell for experiencing a moment of true happiness.
What I want you to do is visit this link, https://www.tumblr.com/search/supernatural, or this one, https://www.tumblr.com/search/destiel, and scroll for a bit.
Because there's no way I can possibly condense for you the pure mixture of hilarity and fucking insanity the entire website devolved into. I'll try but I seriously don't think a single writer could capture the wild west of Tumblr at this point.
It started small, the Destiel tag was #9 on trending, every Supernatural blog in existence was reblogging and going crazy. And then people who had repressed their Supernatural memories noticed something was going on. And then popular blogs noticed what was going on. And then everyone on the entire website noticed something was going on. Tumblr refugees on Twitter noticed.
Tumblr became a supernova.
The Fallout
People were crying because it finally happened
People were making fun of them for immediately killing their gay character
A lot
People made fun of Jensen Ackles for looking extremely constipated during the confession
A lot
A lot
[A Lot](https://eyesandangels.tumblr.com/post/634075957607694336/deans-not-homophobic-hes-just-nevada-speed-at
They make fun of the confession scene a lot
I mean come on it was pretty homophobic to kill off your fandom's beloved just after he confesses his love so that you don't have to explore a relationship
Blogs that hadn't posted in years reanimated.
And on top of all of this, other shit was completely going down. Georgia and Pennsylvania flipped colors. A fake Putin rumor spread. Hetalia was coming back. Season 5 of Sherlock was coming back(another queerbaiting show). MHA Spoilers Dabi was confirmed to be Touya todoroki.
Here's a really funny video recapping some of the insanity
Tumblr rose from the dead to and everyone is still going stir-fucking crazy. This is 2014 tumblr recaptured in it's purest essence so please enjoy the shitshow while you can.
Thanks Everyone
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2020.10.29 06:22 Jyn57 Can anyone recommend me a good Voltron fanfic?

I am looking for a Voltron fanfic which has one or more of the following plot points:
  1. During the course of their adventures the Team discovers an OC who was Alfor's and Zarkon's teacher, and has become very jaded since Voltron's disappearance. He only agrees to accompany Voltron to protect Allura and will act as a cynical mentor for team. Basically he would serve as a counterpoint for the team's idealism and point out that it's not always best to rush headfirst without thinking.
  2. Fanfics where we get a chance to see these characters a bit more fleshed out and working through their angst and trauma. For example, a story that deconstructs Hunk's role as the Heart just like what they did to Bow in She-ra, a story that shows Keith and Lance fighting and eventually reconciling over Keith's departure from the team, and a story that fleshes out the characters of Lotor and his generals more instead of adding them as plot devices.
  3. In the series, we mostly see the good results of Voltron's actions but we never get to see any of the bad.
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2020.10.17 22:22 IvoryKeen Looking For Fic Trade

I need some fic fuel to feed my flames. I want to write, but I have too many ideas and not enough time. By the time I actually get to writing, my inspiration and motivation is all gone! So, I want to try something new!
Would anyone be up for a fanfic trade? I'm open to writing all fandoms (If I don't know the fandom, I'll give you the option to choose another or I can just research what I need to know for the fic) and all types of fics! (Yes, even sm*t. I'm not as skilled at it, but I can write it.)
You can comment or private message me if you're up to doing a trade! I can't wait to get started!

Per request, here are some fandoms I'm very familiar with:

*If I reject a fandom, it's because I'm currently watching/reading it and don't want any spoilers! I'm very sorry!
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2020.10.13 22:31 Its_Ya_Bruhther Looking For a Certain Voltron Fanfic

Hello I wanted to find this one fanfiction I've been thinking about. I'm not 100% sure what platform it was on but I believe it was wattpad. It was a smutty one 😅 about Lance and Shiro. It was about them sparring and then Shiro's arm malfunctions and gets them in a super uncomfortable position. Very embarassing to ask but I really cannot find it.
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2020.09.26 18:11 TheQueenOfWeird Here's My Promised Voltron Fanfic!

If I did things right, the link to the google doc containing the story should be right here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pxnrklq58_Ced9IqMNBYfsi2wE7l987f5m0bKcqK9zo/edit?usp=sharing
This fanfic is still a first draft, so I'm sorry if it's not that polished or lacks description in some places, but I hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think.
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2020.09.25 17:58 Wanderer2691 The Nature of Anti-Discussion: A Critique of the Fire Emblem Fandom

Note: This is definitely one of my riskier posts I've ever made, and that's saying quite a bit, but I still feel morally compelled to talk about this due to it being something that's been bugging me for quite some time. Let me preface this by saying that I'm speaking from the heart when I say this, but also from my own experiences within this community, so I still want to say this because I feel like I really, really want it to be said than it to be brushed to the side.


In retrospect, I think there's very few games, if any, that would have anywhere near the replicable effect it would have on me that Fire Emblem did. I ended up buying Path of Radiance for my Wii's GameCube backwards compatibility in the year 2011, and when I went on to play the game, it frankly blew my mind in ways that didn't exactly feel comparable to almost any other game I've played. The gameplay was good (though in hindsight PoR was definitely one of the weaker FEs gameplay-wise), but the story, world-building and especially the draw of choosing the characters you loved the most and being able to develop them as characters and units in the ways you saw fit made me love the game, and sold me completely on the idea of choosing whom the "protagonists" of the story were - which definitely sounds silly in retrospect, but FE has and still does inspire such imagination in me that it's definitely comparable on an emotional level to Baldur's Gate's ability to let you choose who's in your party and whom the story's main characters effectively are. It was obviously on a much more diminutive level, but in part of that was why I grew to adore Boyd so much, whom to this day is my favorite character in all of fiction and a massive emotional inspiration for how I act in the present.
Radiant Dawn I soon played after having a copy of it lent to me by my cousin, and to this day it's my favorite game of all time. I know it's not perfect as it has some flaws in the pacing, story and unit balance, but the game was such a blast gameplay-wise and on such an epic scale that I couldn't help but love it, nevermind my wholesale enjoyment of the game's story alongside Tellius' excellent worldbuilding. It's a game that overall really colored my experiences to the present and what I feel should be the standard of something that's fun as a whole. I'm fully aware it's not perfect and it's certainly not mechanically the best game of all time, but it's certainly my favorite on an emotional level and a lot of my beliefs in game development come from this game, if not most of it.
And then, after being disappointed by Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates again made me love the series like I did when I first played RD. While the story was a mess for reasons covered ad nauseum already, the characters and gameplay stuck with me to the present, and I daresay Fates would have one of the best casts in the series if it wasn't for 3H on a mechanical level beating it out. And I think that even today the game can be seriously underrated, given though the story writing was bad I've extracted a lot of enjoyment from the support writing, and it supplemented with the campaign made it a lot more enjoyable than I would've had it be otherwise.
Funny thing is, though, I'm very much the kind of person who thinks characters are what define any game's story; I probably wouldn't care nearly as much for Fire Emblem if it wasn't for the cast so influencing me to the very present, and I cannot be thankful enough for that. I even really loved the permadeath mechanic, a mechanic I normally dislike due to me not liking ironman or hardcore runs with the risk of losing progress upon death (by far one of my biggest gaming pet peeves), by using it to tie into what I feel is Fire Emblem's central narrative element of how important life is to both us and the world the game takes place in, given the soldiers in your hands are all people, with emotional qualities, characteristics, dreams, aspirations, relationships - they're all decisively human, and that's what ends up helping distinguish it from most other strategy games for me. That very real investment I had in the cast and being able to choose who's in my final party is a very big reason why I love the games as much as I do, and probably why it'll always go with me to my dying days.
Of course, naturally, I wanted to see if anyone would feel otherwise. I felt compelled to show my emotions on how much the cast made me love everyone and the stories I'd love to share, so I went on GameFAQs come December 2015, and, well...
...well, let's just say, because my first real introduction to the fandom was during the height of Fire Emblem Fates, it was definitely being baptized by fire.
It definitely had an influence on me with how much sheer vitriol virtually every community had for Fates from then onwards, and I'm ashamed to admit I was sucked into that vitriol, and not what's now my second favorite FE in the series - everything, from discourse on perceived idiocy to certain gameplay and story choices, to the repeated exaltation of certain characters for what felt to me as pretty shallow reasons while hating others regardless of their actual quality as a character for gameplay reason, and, perhaps most distressingly, the Fire Emblem fandom's love for simply having a narrative the fandom could go by: a consensus. It feels like there's rarely any actual discussion or challenges being made to the status quo until they let you say how you feel on the matter, and I don't say that merely because of my experiences with what the FE fandom hated at the time.
It not only actively shut out any discussion or at least strongly discouraged what people wanted to be said and acted extremely passive aggressive or toxic to anyone who feels differently, it spread from sites like this and Serenes Forest to even sites like 4chan, a site that's supposed to have equal representation for all opinions rather than just letting there be a unified narrative... and given how much cynicism was baked into the fandom all because the fandom feared the series was losing it way, and just how much harassment, allowance of narrative preservation and general disregard for anyone who doesn't "fit in", I'm going to say it outright, merely going by my observation of some of the most "toxic" gaming fandoms I've been in from Smash to League of Legends to many, many other fighting games with an ever-shifting metagame or what-not:
Fire Emblem perhaps has one of the most passive-aggressive and hostile fandoms I think in the entire industry. And I don't say that lightly; I generally do feel that between how much dismissal of even the slightest critique on the "approved" stuff, and even the slightest praise on the "disapproved" stuff, there is, to the point that Three Houses' unification of the fandom hasn't even really ended the problem altogether so much as having mollified it and let the cycle continue itself, makes it really abhorrent to me how much this fandom tries to control the narrative so much against any and all dissenting opinions while, for ages, allowing a select few people to effectively decide what everyone else thinks on even the "equal opportunity" sites like 4chan. And when 4chan has gotten in on the act for years, it doesn't feel like it's a site problem so much as a major community problem.
This post is going to cover effectively four things in total: the first of which being what exactly lends credence to "anti-discussion", as I call it, then how that applies to the fandom from a gameplay perspective, then how that applies to the fandom from a writing perspective, and then finally how it affects people and how it can be changed through accepting others. Because it really, really does feel, to me, that the Fire Emblem community has a really bad problem with accepting things that go against what's held as acceptable or what's not, and I feel if the fandom has any chance of growing, it needs to enable discussion on a larger scale. Which is why I write this, largely due to feeling the emotional urge to talk about this given I care a lot about the fandom, and actively had my own emotional experiences with it too. So with that in mind... let's begin.

Part 1: What's Anti-Discussion?

To best answer that question, I do feel it needs to be clarified what does or does not quality as that, given one thing I don't want to be a take-away from this is using this in tandem to deflect criticism of things that deserve criticism. Or, in short: I do think the Fire Emblem fandom has an adept ability with criticizing or praising things for justifiable reasons.
I really, genuinely don't think that the fandom doesn't do anything for absolutely no reason. Popularity and unpopularity can and does happen on a level of consensus on what the fandom agrees or not, and that extends virtually everywhere from what the fandom agrees isn't a good thing to what it absolutely does agree is a good thing. Regarding some of the worst and best stories in the FE fandom, for instance, many people want to encourage accurate transmission of information and dispel misinformation in order to let people have a clear-cut take on how they feel on the matter and why they do. I think all communities, not just fandoms, need to do this to remain functional, because without even a shred of objectivity there could be total anarchic rules on what's acceptable or not at best, or subversive elements can and will try to upend the nature of the fandom at worst. So let me just immediately clarify in tandem that people have a good reason to want to correct others regarding what they've got wrong or praise them for what they've got right, and this I definitely get; it's a lot easier to keep track of something on a statistical level than on a subjective and emotional level inherently, and Fire Emblem is, first and foremost, a numbers game. It's a game that many people who engage in crunch would find very rewarding, and by those same metrics the Fire Emblem fandom is home to a lot of people who would very much reward playing for the most optimal results or having a general consensus on what's "good" or "bad" solely by looking at the data and compartmentalizing it as such. That, I do find understandable; fandoms like that really aren't for me, as despite having a capacity for crunch I was always more of a storytelling and emotions kind of guy, but I definitely get the appeal of it on an inherent level.
Thing is, though, many, many fandoms with this mentality also try to compartmentalize things that can't be just explained with numbers and an Excel spreadsheet. XCOM's a great example of this; for many, it's a tactics game like Fire Emblem, but for many others it's also the cause of being able to create your own stories with your favorite units, customize them entirely and grow supremely attached to them through the story's narrative that emerge from every tactical win and defeat. XCOM is an excellent story generator, so you're very likely going to find people who won't always use someone who's simply better than them tactically because of an emotional attachment to another unit, and would try their best to have them grow as a result.
This doesn't just extend to gameplay either; people aren't rational creatures and cannot always be made to do something they "should" do with 100% conciseness. I totally get people who want to maximize total efficiency and be very, very quick to chastise or admonish irrational decisions or decisions you strongly disagree with, people I think need to realize people can't always be counted to not do something irrational or go against expectations 100% of the time; what's always the logical decision isn't always the right one from an emotional standpoint, and ironically, I think the Fire Emblem fandom can get extremely emotional when it wants to, but generally has a problem of rarely compartmentalizing what isn't "seen", so to speak; what isn't there, well, isn't there, so why bother to try to add more depth to the circumstances if there's nothing to be had that serves as evidence? But, Fire Emblem naturally has plenty of supports locked behind their character interactions, and what one would immediately dismiss as a one-note character very often forgets what's there to the individual than anything relative to a spreadsheet or what-not. Which I get; it's infinitely harder to keep track of emotions than something like facts and numbers, as I've stated before.
Still, to continue the XCOM example, there seems to be a major difference between XCOM and Fire Emblem: XCOM, like a lot of other of these character-driven strategy games, acknowledge there isn't really much fun in doing things by the number without some degree of creativity thrown in the mix, such as the fandom wholesale embracing the Viper memes come XCOM: Chimera Squad. Fire Emblem is... well, to be blunt, kind of an isolate with how it clearly tries to think in terms of numbers and consenses, and I'm not saying that all Fire Emblem fans do that or even most, but a lot of the general agreements from the hardcore fandom on what's quality or not comes from this mindset...
...which of course, finally, brings me to the question and point of Part 1: what is anti-discussion? Anti-discussion is when there's already an agreed on consensus on what the fandom thinks is right, either from an emotional or logical perspective; keep in mind one doesn't have to think in terms of numbers to want to do this, because anti-discussion is effectively taking that consensus and beating to death any opinions that try to disagree with it or even raise critique to the idea of there being even some dissent in those opinions than 100% agreement on the matter. Emotions do this a lot, and regularly so, but Fire Emblem is perhaps unique in that the fandom tries to compartmentalize decisions in a solely irrational factor than consider that, sometimes, people can't be expected to always do things according to plan, either due to neuroses or what-not; what's best for that, then, is understanding why people do the way they do and trying to emphasize with them on how they and the person with the consensus can do better; it's a mutual agreement that supplements honesty, which is crucial to enable a healthy, even level of discussion going.
Which Fire Emblem, ironically, almost never does. In fact, if we're to measure fandoms based on how much it has an air of anti-discussion there, I think Fire Emblem is perhaps one of the most broken fandoms out there by virtue of how much it tries it's damndest to push out or aggressively "correct" anyone who feels differently. Which I, of course, was guilty of in the past, I will admit. But the thing that drives this is some degree of emotion, which is what's ironic: that a fandom that subscribes itself to what's set in stone can so readily get emotional when something that goes against the "narrative" pops up. It's that level of emotional response and irreconcilable views that leads to what I think most if not all of the problems in the fandom spawn from, and which can be fixed if a more open-minded response is given.
So by that extension, in short, anti-discussion is there already being a consensus and a willingness to try to silence any critique of that consensus, for it's what the fandom has "agreed" on. Which, believe me, I will come back to in a bit; for now, though, I have every intent on discussing the natural consequences of this sort of mentality, starting from a gameplay perspective.

Part 2: What Are the Consequences, Gameplay-Wise?

Several, if I should note. But all of them fall into one category: measuring worth of a character in the game or exacerbating their goodness or badness solely based on their quality of a unit.
Naturally, this is admittedly something that by itself is kind of inevitable. Humans cheer on when someone does well, and boo when somebody doesn't do well. It's a major reason why, despite me understanding the appeal of fighting games and what-not, I have zero interest in them due to entire constructed characters' worth being determined by how much they can actually do to fight. It also applies in many online competitive games like Overwatch, League of Legends, and so on and so forth. There's absolutely a degree of mechanical movement put into gauging what's "worth" it and what's not, and that characterizes a lot of decisions and meta-gaming based on one player finding an unbeatable strategy and a dozen-fold adopting that strategy likewise.
Fire Emblem is absolutely no exception. As anyone in the gameplay-leaning side of the fandom would tell you, Fire Emblem is definitely the kind of metagame that highly prioritizes, due to the fact any unit can turn out "good", how fast you get there and how much you bring to the table in important things like the Move stat or bases. By those metrics, the fandom has pretty much agrees that fliers and mounts have historically been some of the best classes in the game, archers and armors some of the worst, and most every other class somewhere in between based on whether or not they can actually bring something to the table. Again, this is something that's inevitable by default, as people can decide pretty damn easily based on what's naturally good units or not, and as I will go into detail more later on, it's perfectly natural to like units that actually do shit while being frustrated with what doesn't do well.
However, there's a very important distinction I want to make, and something that I think ties back to what I said about Overwatch, League of Legends or most other fighting games like Smash or what-not; all of those games have a shifting metagame. What's the king of today isn't always going to be the king of tomorrow, and naturally unit worth can definitely shift and fluctuate to the point that what was formerly top-tier has fallen from grace, as someone like Takumi from Heroes can accentuate. And honestly, I'd say that's absolutely for the best: not only does it always encourage some variation in the metagame and continues debate in a healthy, constructive manner, it actually would help encourage people to look at things from a more constructive standpoint they wouldn't look at otherwise: after all, if a metagame is constantly shifting, then playable characters, fighters or heroes or what-not who suck now could very well get a balance buff, which I think at least makes it so there's some appeal to the discussion overall; and that, at the very least, I can definitely respect. Because it shows that there's not only some level of evolution, but a willingness to look past first impressions and even come to appreciate what someone on the lower-tiers can do versus otherwise. It also has the addition of basically ensuring that characters would have qualities beyond first impressions as a gameplay aspect that people would be willing to look at, which is crucial to ensuring the propagation of discussion on the matter in a healthy, contributing factor.
All of this, I feel, is what Fire Emblem lacks, and very badly so. Completely independent of character development, personalities or any such related growth of the character, a unit who is god-tier will quickly shoot to the top of fan favorites regardless of how, where or why they're great to begin with aside from simply being a really good tactical choice, while some of the worst units will basically become more noted for being shitty units than anything related to their character.
Which, frankly, is just bad faith in general, and a prime reason why I think discussion on Fire Emblem is a lot less willing to fluctuate and evolve as opposed to beating on the head anyone who criticized these characters. Now don't get me wrong, as I've clarified earlier, it's entirely a given that people can like a character because they're simply a good unit, or dislike a character because they're a bad one; Fire Emblem is a unique game series in that it's welcoming to not just story fans, but gameplay fans, and it's because of this that it was kind of inevitable that people would love units like Seth, Haar and Jill because they're badass units, and if they were already great characters, their popularity is exacerbated because they're also a good unit (Jill) because being a bad unit would be seen as an irrefutable flaw that should "show" anyone to go with literally any alternative than acknowledge the fact people can always be found to do irrational emotional decisions based on attachment, personal experience or what-not.
And frankly, regarding this spread of topic, anti-narrative gets really bad whenever people try to even jokingly suggest they dislike Seth, Haar and Jill - and frankly, the fandom's adoration of them without being willing to consider the nuances of them have actually pushed me away from them than made me care even a little bit; I'm now a lot more likely to bench them due to biases to prove I don't need them or don't want them than give them a chance. Because I already know they're some of the best units in the series, but I can't bring myself to care because trying to be critical of them goes against the "narrative," and that's in need of something that can always be corrected.
The inverse, perhaps to a lesser degree, applies to infamously bad units like Amelia, Wendy and Sophia and so on. Now while I feel Wendy and Sophia kind of lack any notable character to them, the fact people are more willing to associate Amelia by being a god-awful unit (which I get, let me clarify; she's not good at all) than being a character is what I find so supremely irritating, given a lot of Amelia's character outright rivals Jill in terms of being a quality character, yet it in return dismissed because she's a bad unit. And so what? Again, people shouldn't be expected or, God forbid, "corrected" to make the rational choice, because maybe some people play FE due to emotional attachment and the satisfaction of taking a trash unit and making them good against the odds!
Hell, I'll even say that I can say without a doubt that Haar, Seth and Jill would almost certainly be nobodies if they were bad units in their home games, because it feels at time people are willing to care more about them being a unit than them actually having qualities beyond the superficial. Which is supremely frustrating, as you just can't bring this up without attracting people who are going to go "UM ACTUALLY" and act incredibly passive-aggressive in a means to make you see the consensus. Which, again, I stress: people don't always make logical choices, and they can definitely make choices based on emotional attachment to these characters and qualities beyond the superficial than anything relative to their unit quality.
In fact, it gets to the point I wonder sometimes why we even care about units being good or bad, because I feel that when measuring a character than a unit, superficial elements should be irrelevant until an understanding of the character's base personality can be reached. And that's what's supremely frustrating: they don't just try to enforce this consensus, in many other cases the consensuses fail to go beyond the depths of things that are superficial like first character impressions or usability as a unit to instead focus on those exact superficial qualities, qualities that - due to FE being usually quite self-contained regarding its settings - you rarely have an excuse not to do research on the matter... or hell, if you can't be bothered to do that, look up on the Wiki about characters' supports than make judgements that only go surface deep. It's a problem I feel exists in other fandoms to as well (Ohya's really only shat on in Persona 5 for having shit Confidant bonuses, and the pain will never end being Ayane from Persona 4's biggest fan), but nowhere near as badly as I've seen it in the FE fandom.
Which is why, I really do ask: why not just do thing independent of the consensus and just use who you like? Yes, there's naturally an overlap between "units I like" and "units that are good," but I almost never feel that's a justification to act passive-aggressive about it even when someone's saying some incorrect information: you could very well just lightly remind them that their opinion doesn't match up with evidence than get extremely emotional whenever someone dissents, which dissent, no matter how justified it is, is inevitable, and going to spout up to the point that actively trying to repress it I feel is really, really dumb.
And trust me, we're getting back to that level.
As a final note, it's also why I have way more respect for someone like Axe and Pikachu in the Melee metagame than any one of the Fox or Falco mains; it's shows something regarding emotional dedication, and persevering regardless of the odds. And that's almost certainly something I can respect a lot more than people who play with the top-tiers without really deciding to go beyond surface-level impressions. And that I can respect, because it forces that person to act resourceful than just make use of something that's usually braindead easy to use on a competitive level.

Part 3: What Are the Consequences, Story-Wise?

From here on, it definitely gets a lot more subjective, but again, that's pretty inevitable when dealing with story elements in any narrative that isn't so bad it literally fails to find any niche. Now do note that I've already covered this in detail beforehand, so if you want to get longer thought processes on the matter than an abridged summation, I strongly recommend you check out those links, because they basically say what I will say in this section here, and generally with a lot more detail than here.
Now, I suppose I should say outright as a bit of a note that I'm a huge Fire Emblem Fates fan, and this would be pretty obvious if you did a rap history check on me; I wrote fanfics, commissioned art, and much to my ever-lasting shame, was once a pretty blatant apologist on the matter despite having good intentions that paved the road to hell in a way that was clear to anyone not my idiotic teenage self at the time. So naturally, having thoroughly enjoyed the gameplay, characters and even unironically the story so much, I went to see the fandom's response on the matter, and was quite admonished when I literally came to realize everywhere in the fandom there was a hate circlerjerk and outright unwelcomeness of people who liked Fates everywhere, even in places that are normally equal-opportunity like 4chan.
Now it's gone into more detail regarding my previous essay What Causes A Reaction: How Fire Emblem Fates' Infamy Lingers Today, but the gist of why Fates proved to be such a tumultuous and chaotic time period in the fandom can be summed up in three factors, one being a super-group: fears that the franchise was going down the wrong path, general outrage to the many, many controversies that surrounded the game before and during launch, and the story detail regarding Conquest's narrative of Corrin subjugating an entire nation to expose Garon, which MANY saw as an incomprehensible plot point from a logical stand-point and was furious when they realized none of the characters would be properly addressed for it. Which by all metrics, I do get; Fates was a very controversial game for many, in no short part due to that spoiler bit proving to be the spark that lit the fire for one very specific reason: the fandom seeing no reason why anyone should do incorrect or irrational decisions on a matter and going on to admonish them for it.
Now that isn't a defense of Fates' writing, as I can agree it's got some problems with how it tries to convey its pacing and the overuse of plot-devices to get the point across. But given how Fates was a game that was so radically different from previous installments yet too similar to Awakening, given how the fandom in general strongly believes in logical consensus and abiding by facts than personal experience, and given the advent of Corrin's choice was something many being strongly disagreed with in the fandom, and you have a recipe that, independent of the fandom the game's acquired and its massive success, brought up hell unleashed to anyone who spoke of the game positively, regularly citing an idiot plot that by no means should've rewarded the characters for doing illogical actions...
...which I get, but again: people aren't logical beings, inherently. We can't always be made to decide to do the rational thing a lot of the time, and part of being human is learning to confront these mistakes and change ourselves than try to change the world around us. I will admit, I don't think Corrin's decision is even THAT illogical given the Nohrian royals were the only family he's known, and his decision in Chapter 15 to go along with Azura's plan I actually got because the alternative was sticking to your ideals and very likely getting yourself killed under a Machiavellian and militarist regime, which I actually personally admire Corrin for due to how much he calmly takes responsibility and doesn't justify his actions. Don't get me wrong, it absolutely had problems as a story enumerated ad-nauseum below, but I personally liked it a lot due to how much it spoke to me personally. Which I get why it didn't for others, but yeah.
Naturally, though, the fandom didn't respond kindly to this attempt at all, due to gameplay-fans who normally looked at the story and was fine with it seeing as total irrationality at best, with story-fans feeling largely the same way on top of the numerous overuse of plot devices, so where Fates tried to please both camps, it pleased neither, and because of the fact it felt like IntSys wasn't listening due to the many Fates alts in Heroes and Warriors' overabundance of Fateswakening characters, it naturally led to the utter oppression of any talk regarding Fates in a positive light, with people rambling on and on about how much Fates sucks, the characters suck, the story sucks... you get the idea.
Now, that brings me back to anti-narrative once more; it's perfectly fine to complain about something that proves controversial when done in moderation. A game like Danganronpa V3, for instance, was supremely controversial in the Danganronpa fandom for it's ending, and yet the game still has a huge fandom that even the old guard of that community avoids in trying to actively silence on the matter; it encourages discussion regardless of personal feelings on the matter, and that I can at least respect... and that's something the Fire Emblem fandom struggled a lot to do with anyone who genuinely liked Fates, doing anything they could to bully them out of speaking out due to this ironically-irrational fear enabling their presence would cause a permanent shift in the fandom. Which I got, but that in no ways justifies that kind of response for four years straight, and with barely any positivity laid on top of it as well as disinformation being spread like wildfire.
Which again ties back to how a large part of the FE fandom's consensuses aren't just passive-aggressively enforced at a sword's point, but very often only surface-value due to the same superficial problems that plague the fandom in a gameplay sense. My other essay with the more casual title of "I don't know about you, but I think it's time we stopped associating Fates' cast with it being a bad one when it's quite the opposite" went into a lot of detail on why I feel Fates' cast is only hated because of a lack of exposure or common knowledge to some of the best supports in the entire game, the sheer wealth of them, and how fandom favorites like Nyx only got attention because a community giant in the form of Ghast Station bothered to cover them once. Which I find still kind of silly, because people should go out to learn more, especially if that content's in the game they've paid $40 for shell price value! I won't go into a lot of detail otherwise given I've already done a ton on those two essays, but let me just say that I do think there needs to be of willing to not just understand why there's differing opinions on something, but how that even a lot of the consensus doesn't take in anything beyond superficial first impressions.
Which I get; people are definitely inclined to judge other people in real life by first impressions too. Lord knows I am guilty of that at times, but that doesn't mean it should be the norm, especially a medium that, as far as I know, won't cause psychological trauma from emotional betrayal or ruined friendships that makes up size up on first-hand impressions, because we don't want to be hurt. And that's a major reason why I feel inclined to speak up; if people like Fates or, God forbid, even like the story, let them be! Sure, you're absolutely right in pointing out why they are wrong about some of the story's more critical flaws, but the better part of valor is letting that individual thought exist than try to oppress it instinctively.
It's really something that doesn't need to just change. Because I feel we as a fandom are definitely better than that.

Part 4: Summation, Or: How Can We As a Community Do Better?

I write this largely from the heart when I say this, because I get why people are so intent to not spread blatant misinformation in any community, because lord knows letting anything slide is just as bad as letting nothing slide: nothing really has changed.
Even as Three Houses brought in so many new fans and effectively placated the fandom since its days bashing anyone who dissented, I really do think it's inevitable before the next cycle will begin when another FE inevitably and strongly disappoints and triggers another heralding of crusading. Sacred Stones had it, Radiant Dawn had it, Awakening and Fates had it... and I'm genuinely kind of tired of it, to be honest. I'm tired because I feel that wanting to establish a consensus is fine when it isn't actively trying to derail or decredit any sort of nuance, any sort of discussion beyond what's already agreed, because virtually nothing changes in this fandom. It's the fandom that either sees Edelgard or Rhea as objectively evil, the same fandom that wants a Golden Route despite people crusading against that in Fates due to it not being "deserved", and it's in turn a vicious cycle that enables some of the fandom's biggest and most shining names to prove in turn they're a bunch of assholes who can say whatever and have everyone follow them to the grave.
Mangs and Chaz Aria, despite the natural backlash Mangs' blatant racism and Chaz's controversies has brought, aren't exiled from the FE community at large and continue to make content like nothing's happened. Because nothing changes, nobody is allowed to criticize things that don't fit the narrative, and that in turns means virtually nothing is called out in terms of behavior because the status quo and what's considered right is more important than what people individually think is right. I'm fully well-aware there's fandoms worse than Fire Emblem by a long shot, if one needs to shuffle through My Hero Academia, Undertale, Homestuck, Voltron or what-have-you if one wants a taste of pure hell, but that doesn't mean the Fire Emblem fandom isn't simultaneously both the most consensus-heavy yet strained fandom I've ever seen, outside of what is likely an even more authoritarian hell in the form of Dota 2. And I'm not saying that all or even close to most of the Fire Emblem fandom is like this, as many I've met have proven extremely good friends in retrospect... but we're still capable of doing better. We can do better, I feel.
I think, overall, even if you believe something is wrong, the best you can do is tell them otherwise politely, and if they disagree, let them be; nobody has to control how people feel or make assumptions to correct on what's the "right" choice, because the better part of valor, as I've said before, is letting people deal with the consequences of their choices. We don't have to be so utterly against criticism on what's agreed because that's what breeds people with blatantly racist and prejudicial tendencies like Mangs to reach the top, nevermind what ends up giving birth to any and all kinds of abusers in any position of power; I strongly believe we as a fandom can be better than that, but that cycle will only change itself if people try to be tolerant of what they disagree with and think calmly and reply with an empathetic response than to think reactively and reply with a passive-aggressive response; how we respond to others, to other outliers, is a major reflection on the fandom, and whether things can ever change or not depends on a need to accept others for as long as their own beliefs don't infringe on the right for others to live or be happy with being their own person, of their own choices.
That's what I think. And I know we can do better than this.
And that's all I really want to say on the matter. I apologize if this essay didn't turn out so good, as I was really passionate about this topic, ironically; I can attest from a lot of experience on the matter how this is endemically a problem to a fandom that seems reliant on what's set in stone to try to educate people than try to naturally allow change to flourish, and I do genuinely believe the fandom is full of good people. Which makes it more important to think for ourselves than let what others try to pressure us into thinking take route.
Otherwise, I'd really appreciate it if you left your thoughts in the comments below, and be respectful on the matter. I really look forward to discussing on this more given enough time, so share your thoughts below. Thank you. :)
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2020.09.07 02:12 ThrowawayBeetleBug Things that straight people do that I hate.

This list doesn't refer to ALL straight people and there may be examples of the things I discuss here which aren't shitty.
  1. When you have two characters of the same sex fall in love canonically and deal with their feelings.. Then get hit with the "Its okay I'm actually a girl crossdressing" or vice versa. (Usually this trope is done with a gay male relationship)
This doesn't mean all crossdressing is bad! Not at all! For instance, Pidge from Voltron was wonderful!! And I don't mind it as much when they are clear to us the reader that this character, who is a love interest is either definitely a girl OR probably a girl.
  1. When we have a ship (canon or otherwise) and its gay. For instance, both characters are female. Then someone comes along and says "yes I ship that!" Then proceeds to make fanart, fanfic or whatever with one of our female leads as a guy... Like bro. Really? You had to make it straight?
Gender swapping in general is NOT wrong and I quite enjoy gender swapping. However, gender swapping done for the purpose of making the relationship more ""normal"" in your eyes is fucked up.
3.When straight people try to say "dang two people of the same gender can't be friends anymore" like they don't ship every man and woman who pass by eachother at Walmart.
  1. When we have a trans character in anime and they are referred to as a guy. Let me clarify the crossdressing genre is real but characters like the little girl shown in Zombie Land Saga who quite obviously are transgender... It sucks when someone calls them "He". Like my girl deadass died because she found a beard hair.
That's all I have to say. I honestly don't care if you disagree, but if you have some stuff to add or explain why this may not be as bad as I perceive it. Go ahead. I'm always down to discuss.
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2020.09.07 01:05 SyniaEveeonOwO Uhm.., How is this even close?(America explain?-)

this is a very fun story hahahah
wrong this is one of the most false c anyone could’ve put on me and my rp buddy
me , my friend: R And then there’s her crazy dumbass Ex who we will call S
me and R were rolepkaying as usual since we kind of have a private rp server tho there is some people on it but then again there was no one that was active and recently R and S have broken up due to S‘s behaviour and taking some things not so seriousply like
example: us: hey. S are You okay? S: oh lmao I’m fine 💓💓🔥 I just hate myself lmao
us: oh can we help
S: lmao no just leave me to rot 👀😳💧
that’s just one example she would continue until she left for no reason?
for the next couple of months things were awesome Me and R would continue to rp With ages character and OC’s taking on new things for each rp tho most of it being angst and cuddles lmao (I like my fluff)
then all of a sudden S joins the server again. Which we Thought was strange since she’s been gone for maybe 2-3 months now. we basically give S the rundown on what happened in rp while she was gone which included our characters getting spicy every now and then but we would never go into detail because ew we aren’t into that shit
and you’ll never guess what she Accused us of cp
wanna know why? ;D she saw how we aged up our OC’s and/characters and we didn’t know how to respond and we tried to explain
“no no no ew no“ and when we tried to Explain the situation she would cut us off and just rant on and on about how wrong it is to age up a character
im guessing simba cant be aged up or hell even David from camp camp since in the show he was a kid too In a Flashback And he’s an adult. So ?? I don’t understand the logic and neither did my friends or R. And when it got to the point of S basically witch-hunting us we had no choice to leave and cut contact but
for some reason they continued to harass R and not me aswell? Which is kinda sketchy to me.
after a week or two of blocing them R starts to feel guilty and they try and make up again only for S to pull a no u card and make her friends band against R for no reason and not just get over it And move on from the topic but no
this continued for at least 3 hours before me and our other friend who we will call Z convince her to just block her and don’t speak of it
and honestly we were done with S’s actions and failing to see our side of the story and before my friend R blocked her Her status was
“c...can you maybe not do cp? Please? I know it’s hard but please 😭🥺”
and to me thats some toxic bullshit if I’ve ever seen it And honestly I can’t see why S didnt also hunt me. Since I too was in those rp’s But. She didn’t 🤔
again I probably think she’s doing this because R called off the relationship and S is all pissy about it
but it did get me thinking
how can aging up a character be even close to sexualizing a minor? and I’ve talked to our adult friends one the server and they think it’s plain dumb calling someone a pedo over aging up a OC/Character I mean
fanfic writers(especially some Voltron, danganronpa and MHA fanfic writers not all but most;;) do the exact same thing with the intent of sexualizing them yet
so yeah that’s the story and go em it seems like they took things wayyyyy to far over a fictional character:/
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2020.08.19 00:58 maormer [Voltron] That time the Voltron fandom wanted to remake Voltron

This is my first post to Hobby Drama, though I've read many posts here. Constructive criticism is welcome, and I’ll try to fix any errors as soon as I can :)
As an aside, I should state my own position in this drama - I watched several seasons of Voltron but was only tangentially involved in fandom. While I'm trying to remain objective and unbiased towards both sides, I do have strong opinions about the Voltron fandom though I never shipped any characters in the show. I had no stake in any drama, though I watched it as it happened with a mixture of fascination and revulsion. I've tried to attach many screenshots, but a lot of the posts are either deleted or just lost in the sand of tumblr and twitter's annoying search functions.

What is Voltron?

Voltron: Legendary Defender is a reboot of the show Voltron, which started in 1983. Voltron: Legendary Defender (often referred to Voltron or VLD) is the fourth Voltron show. It was produced by Dreamworks, and debuted on Netflix in June 2016. The plot centres around a group of young Earth people who end up fighting evil aliens in space using mechanical lions that formed into a giant robot. The main cast consist of these humans, called paladins, and two aliens who aid them. The show was incredibly successful, with multiple seasons being given 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, and it ran for 8 seasons until December 2018.
It immediately made a splash on Tumblr, who are always on the hunt for The Next Big Show and usually form strong attachments to cartoon shows aimed at a young audience. The show had good representation, with a disabled, traumatised Japanese man and a black alien princess being new characters the site latched onto in particular. Within days a fierce fandom had developed and overtaken vast swathes of the site, and one of the most chaotic and toxic fandoms in Tumblr history had sprouted.

The Fandom's History

Any fandom that grows so quickly in size over such a short amount of time is always going to be wild, and Voltron really was no exception. Strong shipping communities were formed, and at first it was largely positive, with even staff interacting with their fans.
The largest ship in the community was Klance, shipping together the characters Keith and Lance. There was a massive outpouring of Klance content - as is to be expected. But all this content started to rub up against the second biggest ship.
Sheith was the pairing of Keith and Shiro. Klance shippers and Sheith shippers were inevitably going to have fights as both ships were 'incompatible' - they both involved Keith, and fight did they do. There was a lot of wank, and a lot of ship fights, and the fandom just kept growing and getting more toxic. The Klance ship, in particular, was full of Sheith-antis, who preached that Sheith was paedophillic and incestuous and by liking, engaging with, or creating content of the ship you were promoting such behaviours. For reference, Shiro and Keith were both above age, though Shiro was later revealed to be 7 years older. They had a relationship that went back before the start of the show, and while they were very close and had a brotherly relationship, there was never any idea in canon that they were blood related.
This kind of behaviour is standard in the crazier fandom circles, and very similar behaviour can be seen in Undertale and Sherlock. It's nothing new, and it didn't stop - when one side has the moral high ground of 'think of the children', why should they stop, after all? Sheith was not the only victim. Any ship which involved Shiro and another paladin (who were all younger, and looked up to Shiro as a leader) was referred to as Shaladin, and any Shaladin shipper (or Shallie, for short) was in danger of hate. Sheith was the biggest Shaladin ship, by a long shot.
By the time of the incident I'm writing about, the VLD fandom was a vicious place to be. Voltron was not a show interested in romance, which led to all ships believing that "they had a chance" at the golden crown of becoming canon. With no canon rival ships, there was nothing hampering the growth of shipping communities. When these ships continued on having no canon content, the fans got restless even though the show was being pumped out at breakneck pace (78 episodes over two years). Fans turned from hoping their ships would become canon, to their ships will be canon, to their ships are canon, it's just that the homophobic cast/crew are refusing to just animate the characters well enough (a little scarily, I saw elements of the good ol' Snapewives in VLD - only the fandom really knew and appreciated certain characters, and the crew didn't deserve them). The two show runners did confirm in a 2017 interview that Klance was not intended to be canon, and they had no real interest in it - but it didn't stop fans. (Transcript of the section in question). Tumblr loves to insist their ships will be canon no matter what, and Tumblr loves to hype up a show as the second coming, only to turn around and decide that the show is garbage and needs to be ridiculed.
There were so many controversies, including but necessarily limited to:
Shippers were fighting with the people making the show, rival shippers and other shippers in their groups constantly. I don't want to give the impression that everyone in Voltron was crazy, regardless of what they shipped - there were many who didn't ship anything, or shipped multiple overlapping ships. There were many who enjoyed Klance or Sheith without becoming an anti for the rival ship, but there were an awful lot of antis. And this sub wouldn't exist if we wrote about the normal people in fandoms.
I compiled an album (TW: slurs, mentions of rape, suicide and violence) of the general fandom nonsense that was going round, for the entirety of the show's run . It becomes impossible to say with certainty what is sincere, what is exaggeration, what is satire, and what is trolling.
And someone made a short video of Shaladin shippers being the target of hate.

The Catalyst

It was August 2018, and something horrendous happened.
Season 7 of Voltron dropped.
Season 7 introduced into canon something that had been discussed previously by writers - Shiro's sexuality. Shiro was confirmed as gay in a new episode, through a past boyfriend named Adam. They had broken up before the series had started, but in season 7 the paladins finally returned to Earth for the first time since season 1. Many fans were hoping for Adam and Shiro to rekindle their romance but alas, Adam was killed by aliens in the later part of the season after only a few minutes of screentime. And fans, from multiple ships, were outraged and felt the staff, who had overhyped the ex-couple in season promotions, were stringing them along. The new ship was called Adamshi or Shadam, and it may have been newborn but it was already full of very angry shippers. They went as far as to make a hastag, VoltronDayofSilence.
The Voltron writers were accused of the "bury your gays" trope, which is something that always riles Tumblr up. They were accused of even more homophobia. Many complained that the scene which introduces Adam and his relationship to Shiro was too subtle and brief. Many were upset that in the Russian dub, Adam and Shiro were only roommates instead of boyfriends and used it as further proof that Dreamworks didn't really care about gay representation.
Executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos tweeted a statement about the Adashi, that can be found here. TLDR; we wanted to show Shiro's sexuality in canon material, and we didn't realise you would love Adam as much as you did.

Ma, the Fandom's Acting Up Again

Fandom hatred of the creators was at an all time high, and with existing strife between Klance and Sheith shippers (who were both saddened to see that their ships hadn't become canon, still) coupled with the new birth of Adashi, something was bound to happen. Beyond the usual death threats and accusations.
Meanwhile, on twitter, a user was happily tweeting about an AU they had come up with - a kind of city noir, cyberpunk AU. It had Klance. It had Adashi. The characters were a little different, sure, but still recognisable.
It suddenly became a saviour to the Voltron fans.
I can't say exactly how it spread, or why fans particularly chose this random AU. But they did. And you know what, this AU was actually better than Voltron had ever been - at least in their eyes. They should remake Voltron, and instead of blackjack and hookers, it was going to have canon Klance and canon Adashi.
I can't speak for how widespread the belief was that they were actually going to remake Voltron was. For sure, many were just engaging because it was a fun new AU that everyone else was buzzing about, and did not delude themselves into thinking they could somehow change all the names and hair colours and get away without any notice from Dreamworks. But enough people genuinely did that a lot of people weren't sure who was joking about it, and who wasn't.
The AU took on a new life of its own. The characters were given new names, new ethnicities, new clothes, new hairstyles.
There were a number of variations of the Voltron Reboot, but a lot stayed the same:
People were making lists of all the 'new' characters and their ethnicities, and it was clear that many were trying to fit in as much representation as they could for most nationalities. People would ask their mutuals and followers to suggest which ethnicity they would want X character to be. There was a new influx of art in the fandom. Many made blogs dedicated to their version of the AU.
But it wasn't all sunshine and roses.
Many fans, regardless of their thoughts on Klance, Shaladin or Adashi, were upset at the hubristic tone of some of the fans. The idea that you could simply remake a show better than trained writers and animators was laughable, especially as no one was y'know, writing a plot for this show. A list of character designs does not make a show. Many started voicing their opinions, and even the original twitter user started to get a little uncomfortable with how people were twisting their AU into something it wasn't. There were multiple posts warning people to not give anyone money for any reboot. Many pointed out that even pretending to make a reboot, was incredibly disrespectful to everyone who worked on the show, and they didn't feel comfortable condoning something that started out of hate and spite, rather than love. Some just made jokes about the situation.
And despite all the attempts of making the AU as unproblematic as possible, it still failed.
The most common new name for Shiro was Hachiko. Hachiko is also the name of a famous Japanese dog who waited 9 years every day for his owner to come home after his owner died. Some thought it was cute to name a character after a symbol of loyalty.Some thought it was incredibly disrespectful to name a character after a dog. Comparison posts were made - imagine if someone named an American character Lassie?
Some were upset that the new Shiro frequently had his disabilities played down. Canon Shiro frequently struggled with his PTSD after being tortured, and the new Shiro/Hachiko didn't always have the same problems. Occasionally, Hachiko wasn't even missing his arm - a crucial part of canon Shiro was his prosthetic. Regardless of how Voltron was viewed now, having a disabled man of colour as the leader of the group had always been praised.
A minor reoccuring character in Voltron was an alien thief named Nyma. In the new AU, Nyma was frequently cast as Romani. A Romani character... who is a thief? It didn't take long for people to point out that the Romani people are already facing many issues with being viewed as thieves, and this wasn't a win for diversity, but rather feeding a harmful existing stereotype.
And while Adashi had been the trigger for this, Adashi took a sideline to Klance in this AU reboot, which made other fans upset. Some felt that Adashi was of a greater need than Klance, which had never been canon and had a much bigger fandom.
Squabbles and fan wank were plentiful.

The Aftermath

Faced with these controversies, interest in the reboot started to fade away. Many just changed the elements that had made people uncomfortable, but the damage was done, and with nothing except some art to fuel the AU it faded into obscurity. This was just yet another event that separated the already divisive Voltron fandom even further, and alienated it even further from those who were only casual fans. The attempts of the executive producers to apologise to the fandom, or offer any explanations were fully rebutted.
There was always something new to fight about anyway, and the last season - season 8 - aired only a few months later.
Neither Klance nor Sheith became canon. Shiro did marry a very minor character in an epilogue, the first gay wedding of two men in Western animated media.
Many slap fights were had, about how their ships didn't become canon, about which characters died, about if being a Shallie made you a paedophile or not, and so on. Shiro's gay wedding was frequently criticised both in and out of fandom as there had been no development of a relationship between him and his future husband.
Later, the show runners admitted that Shiro's wedding had been rushed last minute, as an attempt to mollify the fandom.
But Voltron was over, and the fandom had already been dying. Many had been chased off by the toxicity and constant drama - I think this meme sums up a lot of attitudes. The new animated kids shows on the block were She-Ra and The Dragon Prince, and Tumblr users flocked to those shows instead. The fandom is still there, and they still hate the showrunners, and there are still ship wars - the wank never went away. But the fight is mostly out, and the Voltron fandom is a shell of what it was - for better or worse.
Edit: added a clarification. Edit2: Corrected some grammar, made a point less combative, added some more screenshots.
Edit3: As has been pointed out in the comments, the rise and fall of the reboot took less than a week. And if you're interested, people are still making Leakira content.
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2020.08.08 03:03 PactBreaker Lars' Writing Update for July

Well... This update is going up late!
That is due in large part to school being back in session. As a teacher, I had to arrive early for trainings, and because we are doing "remote learning" I had to sit in a chair for 7+ hours being told repeatedly to be healthy and get out of my chair... Haha! There's a lot of work that has gone into getting things ready for the kids, but that means a new schedule and exhausted nights. My YouTube efforts are already slowing down and my time, my energy is short for working on writing.
Nevertheless, I've been pushing forward and exciting things are coming around the corner!
First of all, Knights of Halicruz (as of writing this) is just two chapters away from being finished with its second to last draft! Once I have completed it, it will pass under the scrutiny of a few select beta readers and undergo one final edit. After five years, this book will finally get published and catapult myself and all its readers into a much, much larger journey!
I also finished my second draft for the Sandwich Desperadoes! I gave it to the entire Harem to read. So far, the feedback has been very good. You like to laugh at terrible protagonists and meta jokes, this will be the book for you! Right now, Camille and Nate are helping me with the grammar aspect of the book and mechanics of high speed racing. My hope is to have this novella ready to offer up to the public by the end of the year. You can make it a stocking stuffer for the person in your life who is stuck in a deadend job and needs an escape!
And because I am getting closer to publishing two books, you can expect me to start working on a comprehensive guide to publishing from a novice writer's perspective. By now I have dabbled in or committed myself to numerous methods of sharing stories, and I am ready to share those experiences and insights with every novice writer who is looking to publish their own stories.
For this month of August, I need to get into a new schedule of balancing writing with work. It's going to take a little bit, so I won't be super productive this month. That being said, I hope to run Sandwich Desperadoes through one more draft at least and finally wrap up one fanfiction that I've been sitting on for too long. There's also a lot of housekeeping stuff for White Fire, Monarch Mercenaries and Camille's Harem in general that needs to be done.
The real fun will start in September when I start working on the fourth book in the Legend of the Ten Lords series. I'm moving my timetable up one month so I can hopefully have it done by the end of the year and have time to enjoy Christmas with my family. And also give myself some time to work on special Christmas project/present for everyone. But I'll keep the lid on that trick for right now.

So, let's wrap up this update with the usual progress counter:
Legend of the Ten Lords #3 - DONE
Monarch Mercenaries, second draft - DONE
Legend of the Ten Lords #4 - The Outline is DONE; the 1st draft begins now in September!
Sandwich Desperadoes, second draft - DONE
White Fire Backstory - World building in the month of August!
Fan Fictions - A My Little Pony Fanfic (DONE!) and a mashup fanfic of Destiny, Voltron and RWBY (yeah, strange, but underway and with some crazy sneak peaks to read later). A Wheel of Time fanfic is coming later.
Outlines - DONE (Except for Monarch Mercenaries series, which I didn't expect to get this far! Haha!)
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2020.07.21 06:16 Todorokis_Smile Spop vld crossover

Can someone please write a fanfic that takes place in the she-ra universe in season 5 but Voltron existed in a different part of the universe and the remainder of the team are basically war vets and they get involved in the war because they’ve defeated one space communist so they’ll help do it again and Klance is cannon and lance and catra are bitching buddies once she joins the best friend sqaud?? Please???
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2020.07.05 23:33 Fishish3re How do I market my fanfic?

I recently posted a fanfic, and I have a few other stories I’m working on. How do I get it out there so people will find it? It’s a Voltron fic posted to AO3 if that’s helpful at all.
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2020.07.02 17:03 PactBreaker Lars' Writing Update for June

The month of June was like a crazy dream. It was a whirlwind of a month where I finished my second draft for the Monarch Mercenaries and finished the first draft for my newest novella, Sandwich Desperadoes: the Ballad of Alex Brown and the Sidewinder. I also began a very important edit of my first book Knights of Halicruz. Across all of my projects, I wrote roughly 110,000 words. And yeah, that is kinda nuts!
This is a critical moment where a writer has to be wary of burnout. It is very tempting to hang my cap on everything I have done and say I can take a couple of days off. That would then turn into a week, than a few weeks off, and finally I might as well take a month off and rest! That would be bad, because I would lose time and then waste more trying to get back into the swing of things. Another thing, though, is that I could burn myself out by working so hard to keep up with that high bar I just set!
No, the key is to tone it back a little. I have some editing to do and I can afford to ease up a little, but I need to continue writing every day. That is how you stay productive and avoid burnout.
Someone is going to read this and shake their heads, wondering how they heck I even wrote this much (and sorry if this sounds like I'm patting myself on the back too much, but I do have a point I want to make). The key was a regiment of write and break, write and break. I set a half hour to write as much as I could and then I took a break for another 30 minutes. Now, I know some people get into a groove and don't want to stop. What I thought was that you don;t want to break your concentration for too long, but you need breaks in order to rest yourself, keep up the pace and reflect on what you are writing. Doing this helped me to easily write 4-6,000 words a day. And I highly encourage trying out this writing strategy!
Now, as far as the books go it was so much fun this time around to write the Monarch Mercenaries! I have said before that the first draft really kicked my butt. When writing the second draft I threw out everything but the basic plot and started over from characters to action sequences, to plot points to world building. It was daunting, but I finally hit the right note! I shared some of the opening chapters with readers and got some amazing feedback. I intend to already incorporate that feedback into my next draft and get started on the third draft this month. I'll also create a basic outline for the rest of the series, now that I have a better idea of where this story and its characters are going.
It's no small thing for me to say this series is grand in its scope. It is a game changer in epic fantasy and science fiction, and it is a pillar to holding up the greater extended universe that I am writing across the majority of my books.
And then there is my newest novella, Sandwich Desperadoes. I plan for this to be my first self-published work. It is a story that I came up with while working for Jimmy John's. This was before I even met my friends who would come together to form Camille's Harem. It's loosely based on my experiences and fantasies while working as a delivery driver and the underground racing scene that once dominated my hometown of Tucson. It is action-packed and comedic. It is also my second story written in first person. I much more prefer to write in third person limited, but writing it in first person allowed me to capture the hilarious and very inept mindset of the main character.
Because this will be my first self-published work, I hope to get my feet wet and learn what is necessary to make a self-published book succeed before I tackle my biggest project: Knights of Halicruz.
Knights of Halicruz is the book that I have been working on since 2015 and is the story I pitched to everyone when Camille's Harem first met, back when we called ourselves Storyboard. This is an epic fantasy novel based on this premise: there is a universe where all of our imagination pools and takes form. Every dream, thought, nightmare, fear, passing fancy and forgotten idea all collect here with everyone else's and they form a wide, crazy universe. In turn, as thoughts mingle and take form, this universe inspires us in real life with new thoughts and creations. As amazing as this universe is, what is even more fascinating is that some people are able to crossover to these Realms of Imagination in their sleep.
Ben and Jessica are two such special individuals. But when they arrive on the war-torn world of Halicruz, they will soon learn that this world of dreams is very real and that they have a very important role to play in its doom.
This book has undergone nearly ten different drafts. I am now bringing the book up to my current level of writing, which is vastly improving the book, but is also very time consuming. Ugh... Some of the passages I wrote back when I was in grad school, and I can still see the influence that my academic writing had the story... It's very cringy!
Where does that leave me in July? Well, pan on editing three books at the same time. I also have a bunch of videos that I want to do, and I have to do them all fast because school will start again in August and I have to get ready for that. And because I seem to hate myself, I don;t ant to just focus on editing. There is a fanfic that I haven't worked on in a while that I want to finish by the end of the month. I also want to get some work done with White Fire. AND, if I don't want to torture myself in October, I need to already outline and plan my Choose your Own Horror adventure for Halloween.
I really want to make this adventure be one that more people can be a part of. I'm wondering how best I can do that... Sharing a unique horror story that others can interact with and dictate what happens has become an annual highlight for me!
And that is where I find myself at the end of one month and the beginning of another. Here's to another amazing month of writing!
Let us know about your accomplishments and what your goals are for this month. :)
Legend of the Ten Lords #3 - DONE
Monarch Mercenaries - DONE (second draft stands at 199,871 words)
Legend of the Ten Lords #4 - The Outline is DONE; the 1st draft begins in October.
Sandwich Guy Story - First draft done! Second draft underway, and the official title is now Sandwich Desperadoes
White Fire Backstory - Looking forward to doing more with this...
Fan Fictions - A My Little Pony Fanfic (DONE!) and a mashup fanfic of Destiny, Voltron and RWBY (yeah, strange, but underway and with some crazy sneak peaks to read later). A Wheel of Time fanfic is coming later.
Outlines - DONE (Except for Monarch Mercenaries series, which I didn't expect to get this far! Haha!)
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2020.07.02 08:03 im-not-sure-but-here Can anyone help me find a Voltron fanfic I read awhile ago?

— The fic was either on Ao3 or Fanfiction.net; more likely that it’s on ff.net because at the time I read fanfiction off that site more. —
Awhile ago (a year ago maybe?) I read this Voltron: Legendary Defenders fanfic. It includes klance [keith x lance] (unsurprisingly). It was not a run-of-the-mill klance fanfic, though, which may make it easier to find.i
PLOT: (From what I remember.) It’s set in the normal canon universe in the space. Lance died months ago in Keith’s arms; but the healing pod brought him back (somehow...) The fanfic begins with Lance waking up after having been dead for so long, coming out of the healing pod. Obviously he doesn’t know he’s been dead for so long, though. He tries making jokes but the team is very much worn down and seeming sad, and he finds out why.
Later it’s revealed specifically that Lance died in Keith’s arms and Keith was the most effected by the death out of everyone. He has something like PTSD about Lance’s death and I remember it being pretty angsty and tough.
I don’t know if it was ever finished. I do know that when I read it it had not been finished yet, maybe it has about five-six chapters? (I don’t know if it was abandoned or in the process of being finished.) Anyways, anyone heard of this? I’ve been looking for it for awhile now.
UPDATE NOW: conversation about this fanfic
This is the fanfic I’m talking about! Apparently there are more people looking for it. I hope it didn’t get removed, I remember it being some experience.
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2020.06.03 07:40 PactBreaker Lars' Writing Update for May

May was a great month for writing.
Last month I posted about how I was implementing a writing regiment where I write in half hour blocks to keep my work going and not burn myself out. And it worked really well! With my writing for the Monarch Mercenaries and writing for other projects and YouTube scripts, I ended just shy of 100,000 words. And the regiment really helped me stave off the burnout, which is such an enemy to being a productive, consistent writer.
Returning to work is going to be so hard and frustrating come August...
I have two big bits of news. First, I decided to retain my publishing right for the Legend of the Ten Lords: Knights of Halicruz. I will be be self-publishing the book next year (hopefully!) and I intend on sharing that experience with all of you through a series of "How To" videos about how you can get your stories published!
The second bit of news is all the work on the Monarch Mercenaries. This book's first draft kicked my butt. It was so hard to complete and it was such a lifeless, soulless, messy, awful work of convoluted fiction! Starting with the first chapters felt like pulling teeth yet again, but this month I hit my stride and it has become an invigorating and positive project. It all lay with the cast of characters.
Originally, I had planned for the space adventures to be in a similar vein to the series' inspiration Outlaw Star. And while that is still the goal, because I love that show's crazy antics and the great character dynamics, the problem stemmed from that I didn't know these characters well enough to pull off something like that. I backpedaled a little and decided that the first book needed to be about the pirate crew coming together and figuring out how to work together. This made the story one of character exploration. As a result, I have been having so much more fun writing this book!
Next month, I will do a quick edit to get the entire draft coherent and eradicate most of the bad spelling and grammar before sending the book to some beta readers. My plan is to have it ready for potential publishing in a little more than a year. It will most likely be self-published, because this book goes a very long way to trash all boundaries between fantasy and science fiction. It's the kind of story that I have wanted to tell for years and finally have the confidence and skill to start articulating!
June is going to be a busy month. I will be starting my sandwich guy story and I'll be getting critical help from Nathan, because I don't know the ins and outs of modifying a car. But I do know what it is like to race sandwich delivery guys! Seriously, this novella is going to be a hilarious blast! I will also be finishing the second draft for the Monarch Mercenaries and then working on a brief edit. And because I have retained my publishing rights for Knights of Halicruz, I will begin editing it once more for a final peer review and then it'll undergo one final edit before publishing. All of that work starts this month!
I will also be working on some great videos for this month and we'll see whatever else flops onto my plate. I ain't wasting this summer vacation!
Legend of the Ten Lords #3 - DONE
Monarch Mercenaries - 134,500 words written. (roughly 65% done)
Legend of the Ten Lords #4 - The Outline is DONE; the 1st draft begins in October.
Sandwich Guy Story - Starting this month.
White Fire Backstory - Started, but stalled...
Fan Fictions - A My Little Pony Fanfic (DONE!) and a mashup fanfic of Destiny, Voltron and RWBY (yeah, strange, but underway and with some crazy sneak peaks to read later). A Wheel of Time fanfic is coming later.
Outlines - DONE (for all stories for this year and in the near future)
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2020.05.02 22:46 PactBreaker Lars' Writing Update for April

April was a strenuous month. As a full-time teacher during the current pandemic, it means that I live in a state of uncertainty. I need to worry about my students, make lesson plans, work with families, do meetings and all while dealing with the districts and state government shooting from the hip. It makes things a little crazy, which eventually get to you and kinda wear you down. On top of that, I wanted to do more with YouTube, having a chance to be at my computer more often while stuck at home. But then my most recent book has been kicking my butt!
Some of you might wonder how this book could be giving me such a hard time when I've already written a significant chunk. But it's not always about the word count. It's also about your feelings when you write.
The first draft for the Monarch Mercenaries was awful! Seriously, I have not even consulted it while writing the second draft. I rewrote the outline, rewrote entire characters, and threw out entire chapters and ideas. As a result, everything is new. But when you go that route, you begin asking yourself if this book is worth it. Could I not be doing something else better with my time? What if people don't like this book? These sentiments are unfortunately compounded by the hardcore world building and character plotting that this first novel has to accomplish. It's a massive undertaking.
So, add all of these elements and events together and it feels like you are crawling on your belly through stony muck. And you wonder if it will ever get better...
Thankfully, things do look up eventually. I already shared the first six chapters will beta readers and they have not only received the Monarch Mercenaries with excitement and good reviews, but they have also pointed out character inconsistencies, plotting problems, necessary questions, writing mistakes and more. This will be extremely beneficial when I tackle my third draft. This book will take time, but it will be all the stronger and better for it.
Writing the Monarch Mercenaries has been what has hung over my head and eaten up the most of my time outside of my job. But the school year is coming to an end, I am handling the situation better, good friends are supporting me, and the story is well underway. I hope that May will be much better for both writing and spirits.
One last thing to bring up from April. At the end of the month, I started researching agents to send my book Bleed Steam n' Steel to. This is such an interesting and stomach-twisting experience. I have been keeping the Harem informed about all of my doings on this front. I have already received one rejection, but if anything, it has galvanized me! And before this year is out, I plan on having worked on al fronts of publishing. And I hope to share with other writers a breakdown of each publishing option. I hope it will be a valuable tool for other writers in the future.
Stay tuned, because big things are happening. Not just for me, but for the Harem!

Legend of the Ten Lords #3 - First draft is complete at 284,222 words
Monarch Mercenaries - 46,006 words written. (roughly 25% done)
Legend of the Ten Lords #4 - The Outline is DONE; the 1st draft begins in October.
Sandwich Guy Story - Oh boy, this one is coming, and it's going to be nuts! (Might start writing this month)
White Fire Backstory - Started, but stalled...
Fan Fictions - A My Little Pony Fanfic (DONE!) and a mashup fanfic of Destiny, Voltron and RWBY (yeah, strange, but underway and with some crazy sneak peaks to read later). A Wheel of Time fanfic is coming later.
Outlines - DONE (for all stories for this year and in the near future)
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2020.04.02 08:55 PactBreaker Lars' Writing Updates for March

Boy, oh boy! What a time to be alive!
Despite all of the craziness that is going on in the world, I have been plugging away at as many projects as possible. I was kind of all over the place this month, but that was okay. It was fun to be free of just one book and tackle fan fictions, outlines and plans for different books, and have fun just talking stories with friends. My standard of trying to hit 4,000 words a day has kind of fallen off, and that will be the standard to try and reclaim going into April.
I am so happy to be done with book #3 of the Ten Lords! And I have so many ideas bouncing around in my head for continuing the series and refine the editing for the current three books. The fourth book is going to be a fun challenge because where the third book brings the deep lore and incredible action, the fourth book has to bring the heart, deal with the fallout of the last three books, and advance the world building and plot to a whole new level. It's a lot of fun to write a series where the world grows with the actions that the characters take. It keeps everything new and the readers, plus the writer, on their toes.
It always feels strange to talk about these books when they haven't even hit the shelves yet. However, I want to get as far ahead as I can with this massive story before I one day have this series published. The idea that birthed the Legend of the Ten Lords is special to me and it is my guiding star. As a result, an entire universe of characters and worlds has been born. And I hope to one day share it all with everyone!
And speaking of other worlds, one world and its story that I have been working on has been Bleed Steam n' Steel. This is my fantasy, steampunk novel. I have been putting it through one final edit before I send it off to agents for publishing. I am adamant that I get an agent for this story. Not to toot my horn too much, but this book makes me excited. I am it author for crying out loud, but it feels like I am reading it for the first time each day that I open the doc and read! A story this awesome needs the best I can do for it, and it deserves an agent. But that is going to be a struggle, and it is one that I plan on firmly documenting so that I can help other authors in the future navigate this part of the industry.
Look forward to that!
When you look at the list of stuff down there at the end of this post, I can honestly say that it does not reflect everything I've done this past month. I have furiously been working my way through so many projects and I have been making good headway. There is so much still to do, but I am ripped and ready to go!
In April, I will be focusing primarily on rewriting Monarch Mercenaries and finish editing Bleed Steam n' Steel. I am nearly done with one fanfic, and I am committed to writing a special one that will probably suffer the fate of our bad fanfic epic readings, and it'll be glorious! Hopefully... Hahaha! Finally, there are a ton of videos that I want to make during this time of lockdown. So, here's to going crazy by being productive!
Legend of the Ten Lords #3 - First draft is complete at 284,222 words
Monarch Mercenaries - Waiting for MASSIVE revisions starting this month!
Legend of the Ten Lords #4 - The Outline is DONE; the 1st draft begins in October.
Sandwich Guy Story - Oh boy, this one is coming, and it's going to be nuts!
White Fire Backstory - Started!
Fan Fictions - A My Little Pony Fanfic (nearly done!) and a mashup fanfic of Destiny, Voltron and RWBY (yeah, strange, but underway and with some crazy sneak peaks to read later). A Wheel of Time fanfic is coming later.
Outlines - DONE (for all stories for this year and in the near future)
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